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Teamwork, excellence and fun.

These three words sum us up pretty well.


Our company culture is focused on collaboration and achieving results as a team – we’re a friendly bunch and we help each other. We value and encourage open dialogue, honest communication, and integrity.

We are a multinational team of smart, switched-on people with different passions and interests -and we gel together thanks to mutual respect and common goals and values. We have a great close knit team who are as happy to work together during the day as they are to socialise together after hours.

Most of our staff is regularly involved in strategic meetings, setting company direction, tracking our progression as a business. Even if someone is not involved in the actual meeting, their input is valued and will be heard and evaluated during the meeting.


We pride ourselves in going the extra mile and exceeding our clients’ expectations. All of our team members are passionate, creative, honest, lovely and smart people always interested in pushing themselves and pushing our customers to deliver amazing results together.

We have a quarterly performance review process that enables us to establish goals for all employees and help them succeed in what is important to them. We actively create careers, put people on leadership development paths, and offer mentoring and career advice. We actively encourage self development and training: we pay for professional certifications (e.g. in Magento), send our staff to training courses, conferences in the UK and abroad, industry round tables, etc.

Developer Breakfast

Every month, our Magento, WordPress, front and back end developers have an informal breakfast where we discuss anything related to web development. We talk about coding standards, new approaches, and collaboratively manage our workloads so nobody is overloaded. We also have some delicious breakfast food which always goes down well. If you would like to be in part of our next developer breakfast, get in touch!


We let everyone in the business dedicate up to 30% of their time to researching new ideas and working on things they’re passionate about – that are important for LogicSpot… or the world! Learn more about what we call CREATE.


Our office is in the heart of Richmond which is great for socialising after hours, grabbing a sandwich in the park or going for a drink on the river with our clients.

We have some really cool clients – all sorts of sizes and industries, with different challenges to solve. Shared values and goals make it a pleasure to work with them, and rewarding when we achieve great results together.

We finish work at 4.30 pm every Friday and go to the pub for a team meeting, where we celebrate company wins, share company news, welcome new hires, etc. We also go round the table and allow everyone to speak about their week – good or bad. This allows people to get complete on the events of the week, and switch off for the weekend.


We organise lots of fun team events, which include anything from going for a team dinner, going bowling, playing pool, having a BBQ at someone’s house… the occasional daytrip to Thorpe Park…

Open positions

We are on a constant look out for talented people to join our team. Whether you’re looking for work experience, want to take the next step in your career or want to work for an agency that focuses on eCommerce and digital business solutions, please send your CV to or look at our open positions.