Embracing Innovation

We want to make sure everyone at LogicSpot is on top of their game and has the possibility to grow. Therefore we started an initiative called CREATE. Every week all our staff have their own time for research and development. The idea is to give everyone the chance to do something they feel is beneficial and improves them, LogicSpot or life in general. We sincerely believe that everyone can create something awesome.


So far, out of the hundreds of hours invested in :CREATE over the last 18 months, we’ve produced:

6 projects have been pulled into our commercial offering, including an advanced Google Tag Manager extension for Magento which goes way beyond that provided out of the box.

Innovation and Leadership

Everyone gets the opportunity to present their :CREATE project, if they so wish (and are encouraged to do so) back to the entire company. Presentations are put together, and time set aside to pitch their project and to teach others of their findings and garner feedback.

There’s obvious advantages in this approach – those who wouldn’t normally speak in front of the team get to do so in a really great, supportive environment; others who don’t know of their project or technology get bite-sized learnings from the presentations; teams are created that would normally not exist – how do we monetise a technological solution, why don’t we pull a designer together with the developer’s idea to bring it to life, etc.