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Rachel Roberts

Ecommerce investment trends
Digital StrategyEcommerce
9th March 2018

Ecommerce Investment Trends for 2018

Now is the time in which your business plans and strategies for 2018 should be…
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Retargeting and Remarketing
Digital MarketingDigital Strategy
26th February 2018

Follow Your Crowd – Retargeting & Remarketing Explained

Isn’t is thought-provoking how that t-shirt you were so tempted to buy now seems to…
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Digital StrategyEcommerce
1st February 2018

Why Personalisation Should Become A Priority

You’ve got the traffic, you’ve got the product, and you’re making a decent amount of…
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Digital StrategyEcommerce
23rd January 2018

Build Web Performance Into Your DNA

Web performance should be high on the list of priorities for a website manager or…
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Buying online
Digital StrategyEcommerce
15th January 2018

Customer Mindset And Why Online Reviews Matter 

Knowledge Is Power This works both ways. Today, customers have a massive advantage at their…
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