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Advanced Custom Fields - quick hack to move a field to another group
25th November 2012

Advanced Custom Fields – quick hack to move a field to another group

I was just in a situation where I had an ACF group with 21 fields…
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The Anatomy Of Content Marketing
CreativeDigital Marketing
18th November 2012

Content Marketing in the UK

After stumbling across a fantastic infographic on the current state of content marketing in the…
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Facebook logo - EdgeRank
Digital Marketing
12th November 2012

LOOK AT ME! Facebook Edgerank

Social media is everywhere and integral to a staggering amount of people's lives. Reflecting this,…
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Magento Product Import Problem - Stock Update Issue Resolved
9th November 2012

Magento Product Import Problem – Stock Update Issue Resolved

The Magento product import is a handy tool used to update and create products from…
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Cyber attacks
31st October 2012

Cyber Horror

Happy Halloween! Life at Logicspot is usually full of unicorns and rainbows, so trying to…
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Google 2013 Official logo
Digital Marketing
30th October 2012

Google – how is it to index new content? Prepare to be surprised

So I know around 2 years ago, Google implemented their "Caffeine" update, which would index…
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Digital Marketing
29th October 2012

The Ultimate Office Prank?

On the eve of Halloween, you may be pondering how you can cause some mischief…
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LogicSpot rebranding final logos
CreativeTeam & JobsWeb Design
5th September 2012

Rebranding for a leading London web design agency (ourselves!)

Following on from our previous article relating to our new website, I thought it would…
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Sandy Shorseshoe Bay
CreativeDigital Strategy
29th August 2012

The Holiday and Project Management

Holiday Bliss Rush from the Project Manager's perspective! My Holiday Starts in 1 hour &…
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LogicSpot website redesign - logo sketches
CreativeWeb Design
28th May 2012

Website redesign and build for our most difficult client in London so far

A website redesign for ourselves We've just embarked on a new website redesign and build…
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Dilbert comic strip
3rd May 2012

LogicSpot re-branding

Cobbler's shoes... We have had our logo for the best part of 19 years... and…
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Ecommerce Websites
15th April 2012

Types of Ecommerce Websites

The right ecommerce websites for a client depend on a number of factors. Ecommerce websites…
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busibuddies logo
27th January 2012

Mark Haller, founder of LogicSpot via Podcast

A while ago I was approached by a fantastic company based in the City called…
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To Do List
27th January 2012

How to work less and do more – 10 tips to boost your productivity

Do you work effectively? Have you ever felt the whole day just passed away and you…
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