Launched: Covetique customised email alerts

By 21st August 2014August 29th, 2017Creative, Ecommerce

So just a bit of history on our ongoing relationship with Covetique before we look at the sweet little email alert we’ve just created. Earlier this year we re-launched Covetique’s website. Covetique were looking for a larger Magento ecommerce design and web development agency to handle their growing website and systems. As the site went live though, they discovered an area which they wanted to improve

What was the business problem?

Covetique had a unique ecommerce problem. All their products are one-off luxury items, so items that individual customers are looking for may not always be available or can sell out very quickly. The only way customers could find the product they were looking for was by returning to the site. Covetique were missing out on potential sales! Items would be on the site for a long period of time before they would sell, which meant paying more storage costs. Therefor having a way of alerting customers to new items would make the site more appealing for customers and Covetique.

How did we solve it?

Covetique came to us with an idea of what they wanted; email alerts to inform customers on when products become available. We decided to create the ability for customers to input their preferences of what they’re looking for. They can add as many preferences as they like, based on product type, designer or size. One size doesn’t fit all! We then built an automated email system that triggers emails to be sent to the relevant buyers with the products that apply to them. The buyers have the option to set the frequency of emails to as soon as the product becomes available or as a daily digest.

We provided:

  • Web design for both desktop and mobile as the site is fully responsive.
  • The front end sign up process for setting up alerts as well as an account preference page where the user  can modify the alerts they’ve set up.
  • Back end email automation, and product to buyer matching algorithm to send the emails.
  • Two different email templates for the instant and daily digest emails.
  • Both Magento development and HTML email development.
  • …and as always, our services come with friendly and insightful customer service.