LogicSpot Awayday

By 12th May 2013 December 27th, 2017 Creative, Team & Jobs

So how did the dream team spend its awayday…

Bowling at All Star Lanes..

(via the bar of course)

Bowling Bar

And so with our parched throats now wetted, we all borrowed a pair of Matt’s best shoes. And having watched training videos earlier, it got competitive … (Video 1, Video 2)

With rumour running rampant about Caroline’s bowling prowess, the bribes paid earlier for team selection were scuppered. Head honcho Mark called for teams to be decided by a game of rock, paper, scissors. With the teams decided, it was time to get down to business …

The Lebowski’s – Matt, Rich, Mark, Daniel and Caroline

The Kingpin’s – Chris, Andrea, Karolina, Alex

Match Summary:

The Lebowski’s
MattStarting the first frame horrifically, Matt pulled out 2 strikes to start the second frame, but quickly returned to form (all lack of).
RichSwitching technique to start the 2nd frame, Daniel and Rich had a Technique Bowl-off with Daniel closely coming out on top.
MarkWith Mark taking the highroad and letting his team win he really showed some class from the outset.
DanielWhen the initial shot-put technique didn’t work Daniel reverted to a Brazilian salsa-esque style, occasionally forgetting to stop at all.
CarolineWith Caroline carrying a baby and not able to bring her lucky bowling shirt, the pins didn’t fall her way on this occasion.
The Kingpin’s
ChrisStarting quickly Chris pulled out a win in the first frame, quickly vanishing into obscurity for the second.
AndreaWith a slow start the dream team newcomer tried not to upset the team but got bored and won the second frame with ease.
KarolinaHaving broken the lane twice, Karolina was disqualified, and chose to protest by ordering desert before her main at dinner.
AlexAs the only antipodean in the team, Alex has a lot to prove and so proceeded to finish off all the booze forgetting about the bowling.

And so with the bowling complete and The Kingpin’s coming out on top in both frames, dinner was ordered.

When Daniel’s courting of the waitress ended abruptly, it was decided it was time to end a fantastic night.

Apologies for the rest of the team that couldn’t make it due to being handcuffed to their desks. It wasn’t really that good of a night…

LogicSpot goes ten pin bowling