Magento website redesign and rebuild – new MiH Jeans website just gone live

By 9th February 2013April 5th, 2018Creative, Ecommerce, Web Design
M.i.h Jeans laptop

After 2.5 months in creation, we’ve just launched the new MiH Jeans website and we’re all extremely proud of it.

The goal of the website was a huge platform refresh – removing some of the old technical flaws in the system we had inherited and improving the website hugely in terms of –

  • the story told by the site – MiH Jeans has a superb, loyal and growing following, they don’t need to lead with “buy me now” products on the homepage – the goal was to put brand and design as a priority, pare down the site somewhat and improve the shopping experience for website visitors globally
  • simplifying navigation throughout
  • removing a lot of standalone pages and moving them into a new responsive popup framework (which has now become a Magento extension for us)
  • SEO positioning and structure of pages
  • optimising the site load time and speeding up and already-fast website

Magento website redesign

Design-wise, we went from concepts, wireframes and storyboarding to redesigning of about 80% of the website.

For Magento development, we rebuilt the site using the Zurb Foundation framework – starting with responsive from the off.  We had spent a long time debating using some of the standard responsive Magento structures that have been created and ditched them all – they were bloated and clumsily built.  So we started again, building on top of Foundation but specifically for Magento.  Despite additional effort up-front it’s paid dividends later in development for us.

At the same time as launching their new site they’ve also launched their Spring/Summer 2013 collection.  So that meant tens of thousands of URLs needed to be rewritten – without going into technical details, we’d rewritten old URLs to new URLs in just over one day for the entire site and ran it against a large test set we’d already created and it passed ready for go-live.  We also worked closely with MiH Jeans to deliver the images required for front and back product shots, headers, wash colours … a lot of new collateral.

Magento optimisation

We’ve optimised most of the CSS and Javascript throughout the site – to achieve 95/100 for Google PageSpeed but we’ll take it to 100 when we optimise further and introduce a CDN for them in the coming months.

We are delighted with the new website.   It looks beautiful, works extremely fast and despite just over 2 hours of downtime while we switched over from the old to new site (early morning UK time as this powers both the US and UK sites), within 3 minutes of launch they were back taking their first order.

We went to the pub to debrief on a demanding but superb week with the LogicSpot team on Friday eve after work.  While sat there, our client sent us a link – they’ve just been featured in Glamour magazine as one of the best online stores to buy jeans – a nice way to finish the week!