Mark Haller, founder of LogicSpot via Podcast

By 27th January 2012 August 25th, 2015 Creative
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A while ago I was approached by a fantastic company based in the City called Busibuddies  – a business platform and media network that essentially exposes and connects business with each other.

I attended their office in Lloyds Building – a building I used to walk past every day when working with Allianz … and was interviewed for a podcast that has just been published today!

You can visit their site and get to the podcast here

See what you think.  It was extremely energised and dynamic – I was quite taken aback when Edward Daniel interviewed me – he said … OK, you need to talk clearly into the microphone … and it’s going to be quite loud and animated .. so I was kinda prepared – and THEN it started .. BOOM!  haha.

The interview took place a few months ago but captures the drivers of our business.  What’s great to see is how flippin’ fast we’re running as a business and how we’ve already grown so much in such a short 3-4 months since the interview.

Thank you, Edward and staff at Busibuddies for making this happen.  Would love to move onto videos next. You were accommodating, punctual and extremely focussed to deliver something amazing – so thank you.

Mark, founder, LogicSpot