MiH Jeans Magento site goes fully responsive

By 1st April 2014April 5th, 2018Creative, Ecommerce, Web Design

Today we launched a new fully responsive update to the MiH Jeans Magento site to help make their site fully accessible on all devices.

The previous incarnation of the site was delivered at the beginning of 2013 and successfully updated their brand image online to cement their position as a luxury women’s wear brand. At the time of this redesign there was already a mobile specific site that was left as is, leaving us to concentrate on the desktop and tablet versions. A year on and with mobile visitors and customers growing, it was time to replace the ageing mobile specific site with a fully responsive solution.

The desktop and tablet designs were to stay as they were so our focus was on how this design could translate down to a mobile screen. The first step involved wireframing key pages and functionality to make sure we could fit all content on the smaller screen size without compromising on usability.

After the layouts were polished for the wireframes, we designed the mobile versions of the pages taking the same branding guidelines, typography and colour schemes and working them in to the mobile layout in a way that maintains the brand aesthetic whilst also offering an intuitive interface for customers.

The build involved updating the responsive framework that Magento was using from Foundation 3 to Foundation 5 which offered a more up to date platform, better compatibility with the latest devices and a number of new features that we could include on the site.

The launch of MiH Jeans’ fully responsive site now offers a unified brand experience across all devices and enables MiH to manage and maintain a single site instead of two. We will be keeping a close eye on the statistics over the coming months to see the full effect this update has had on the site. Watch this space!