Rebranding for a leading London web design agency (ourselves!)

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LogicSpot rebranding final logos

Following on from our previous article relating to our new website, I thought it would be good to post an update regarding our branding.


Yes, that’s right.  The new branding for LogicSpot is finally complete.   When I say complete – this is where we are:

  • New logotype is defined, designed and complete
  • New typefaces and guidelines have been finalised
  • New colourways and usage has been finalised

We still have to:

  • Finalise electronic letterheads
  • Build new presentation, proposal and reporting templates
  • Design and delivery business cards

Rebranding Process

We decided to be a little unconventional and have a play. We would normally use our own designers to carry out the rebranding work … but we thought we’d try running our own rebranding alongside that provided by 99Designs. The reason for this?  Well, one of our new clients whose large Magento ecommerce website is currently in build with us used 99Designs for his branding/logo work and had some great success.  We opted for the “Silver” level from 99Designs, and copied in the same design brief we’d already given to two of our own designers.

The 99Designs process was superb – a brilliantly simple method, intuitive website and a large set of designers meant designs were quick to come in and designers were quick to see our responses and to tune their next designs based on the general direction the project was going.

Some of the designs were bad.  No, terrible would be better.  You remember years ago when clipart was acceptable as logos?  Well, we had some of that.  Quickly dismissed and kicked off the elimination process with a simple X.  Phew.  Some of the designs and the designers were extremely good.  In fact, so much so, when we got to the last couple of days of the entire process, new designs were coming in every two hours or so, and the team was starting to be divided … “Oh I love that one, it’s so youthful” … “Naaah, it reminds me of that game on the PC … oh, what was it called …” we had some interesting conversations in the office and with friends who were helping us!

Our own designer

At the same time as the 99Designs “competition” was in play, we were moving forward with Maria, a superb brand designer who works with us from her office in Denmark.  She delivered an initial design that was absolutely stunning and superbly executed, but wasn’t for us.   We provided a lot of feedback to her, and she came up with another design.  This was even better and beautiful … but again, wasn’t for us – but wasn’t far away.  We provided a lot more feedback and direction ideas … and she came back 2 days later with something that “just worked”.  Somehow, it just pulled together everything we were trying to do at LogicSpot and made total sense.

At the same time as the final design was produced by Maria, the 99Designs competition was finishing.  We had five logotypes to choose from – three from the 99Designs competition and two from Maria.  We put them into a little image and shared them with a LOT of people – our family, friends, close business colleagues, clients and trusted advisors.   Apart from a mix of responses from friends, there was a unanimous decision from ALL clients and advisors we really respect the opinion of – logo A shown in the image above was the winner.  It embodied a fast growing business, colour and light, playfulness but stability and world/globe/adventure/web.

We asked Maria to finalise all materials for us but we were left not knowing how the process worked with 99Designs – a superb competition but not choosing a winner from them.  We expected small typeface caveats, a hard method to contact and get money back … allsorts … but no, we very easily found a customer support number in London, called them and the following day had a FULL refund.  What a superb service!


It’s been a long process for us but superbly enjoyable.  To live and breathe the joys and pains through the process has been the equivalent of a “back to the floor” exercise.  Sure, we deal with clients every single day, and spend every day advising WAY BEYOND scope of work on everything from monetising startups through to expanding businesses beyond the UK territories and more … but it’s a long time since we’ve done such introspection for ourselves.

Lessons Learnt

During a web design and build project delivery, the web design stage normally takes a while.  And then some.  It’s the stage of the entire project process I think we’ve done most discussion and tuning over the last few months – how do we get the time down, the quality and output up, and the client equally satisfied, and not allow timelines to drift … and it’s HARD.  The design process is the most personal part of any web project.  A certain ego has to be represented, colours evoke certain feelings/meanings, the site can look too close to a competitor’s, the site might be too exciting .. or not exciting enough … it’s where a client gets to inject themselves on the world – and it’s normally a representation of them on the web.

I’d really recommend 99Designs as a branding option if your budget is tight and you’re wanting some fun. I’d suggest before you start a competition you have a very clear idea of what you want as an outcome and get a really tight brief.  One of our clients did this and have a beautiful brand to attach to their product’s swing tags, t-shirts and other products.

Do your homework on your own business before starting this process.  We spent a long time looking at values, tone of voice, competitors, likes, desires, aspirations, colours … many factors … before writing the brief or requesting work to be done.

Our new branding

It’s been EXTREMELY enjoyable.  We now have a design, palette, typefaces and branding that we all LOVE.  I can’t wait to get the new website live, a thick, high quality business card in my hand, and decals on the wall.

LogicSpot branding