The Holiday and Project Management

By 29th August 2012 August 7th, 2017 Creative, Digital Strategy
Sandy Shorseshoe Bay

Holiday Bliss Rush from the Project Manager’s perspective!

My Holiday Starts in 1 hour & 18 minutes… that’s 4,680 seconds…not that I have been clock watching or counting down! Today was well planned, I knew what I had to do from a list created before leaving yesterday, nothing was going to spoil that holiday feeling! Five days of relaxing! 🙂

My Schedule

07:55 – Arrive in the office

08:10 – Today’s task list checked over! Fantastic, I can get that done and a nice last day!

08:35 – Spoken to our developer in Barcelona, all things are GO for a client demo I have via screenshare at 9am that will last for maximum of 1 hour.

08:45 – Set up screen-share & create email with login details for demo ready to send in 5 minutes.

08:45 – After twiddling my thumbs for 5 minutes safe in the knowledge that everything is organised and ready to roll I send out the email above.

09:00 – Ring the 4 clients who are all in separate areas/countries, patch in 2 Logicspot staff one on-site, one off. Easy!

09:25 – After spending 25 minutes trying to get the d**n screen-sharing software to work, finally give up and realise “it’s just going to be one of those days!”

After realising the screen-share software would only allow 4 users at a time (although it advertises 25) I split the single 1 hour demo, into two, 1 hour demos!

11:00 – Managing to finish the demo’s slightly early saves me 30 minutes, although now running an hour late.

The remaining 5 1/2 hours!

You get the idea! The rest of the day followed suit, with a list starting with 6 items, at writing this the list has grown to 13.

With 13 projects on the go at the moment one of which is going live on Monday, we’re busy, everyone is working at full tilt. This isn’t to say we don’t normally have this number on-the-go but the majority of them are coming to a close and its always these final stages that cause an increase in time needed to be spent on them.

Project Handover

After going through all the projects yesterday and getting a tight list together I handed over the plan to Mark who will be standing in my stead managing the projects. With a key developer coming back from holiday tomorrow and another one starting on Monday there is quite a bit going on whilst I am away, 1 site launched, 1 site with development complete and 1 site that should be only 3 days away from complete! So much can happen in 5 days!


  1. No matter how much you plan other people have other ideas!
  2. Contingency is KING! Luckily I had enough planned today that it didn’t ruin the start of my holiday!

Below is how my list morphed…

List as of 8am this morning              List as of 3pm
Weekly Reports (6)Weekly Reports (6)
Client facing demoClient facing demo 1
SSL ValidationClient facing demo 2
Review work schedule whilst awaySSL Validation
Meeting to handover workReview work schedule whilst away
Arrange external testerMeeting to handover work
Arrange external tester
Incoming client contact (urgent work)
Ticket up urgent work and schedule
Invoice received – check against planned and pass on
Client information request received
Review client feedback
Write blog article

See you in a week…! 🙂