The Internship.. (part 1)

By 17th September 2013August 3rd, 2017Creative

Interns interns everywhere…

(tried to think of a witty end to the Samuel Coleridge quote, couldn’t do it..)

Whether it’s a summer internship before going back to school or one with the possibility of a job at the end, the end of summer brings around the closing of our internship season for the year.

As a rapidly growing company we use interns to learn directly from our senior developers, with one to one sessions and being thrown in the deep end, we get the most out of them, whilst they also get to learn a lot in short time.

With the close of the season and some hard decisions coming up for us I thought a double article.. one written by me as Project Manager, but also one written by one of the interns would be of the most benefit to companies looking to hire and also anyone looking to do an internship. For this article I am going to take one of our WordPress interns.. Michael

First.. what we look for in an intern:

  • Personable
  • Confident
  • Presentable, we aren’t scared of putting them in front of clients
  • Pro-active Learner, able to show a history of learning outside of formal education
  • Basic Skills in the field they will be working in
  • Stickability, they aren’t going to have the best tasks at the start
  • Team / Company fit, do they fit the overall company personality type
  • Coffee making skills, speaks for itself

After making it through the rigorous interview process it was deemed Michaels coffee making skills weren’t up to scratch, however feeling generous we gave him the opportunity to impress us on a 3 month internship with possible extension…

The Internship…

First day: Fails to turn up with snacks.. (think about terminating internship)

With the first day awkwardness out of the way we set up what Michael wanted to get out of the internship, from this we can put a plan together that works for him and LogicSpot.

Michael wanted to learn WP and the basics of project management. With these goals we decided to take on a couple of very basic sites using themes that we wouldn’t normally take. This would give him the ability to work on simple sites that didn’t need bespoke design and so the project starts and ends with him only.

Over the course of 8 weeks Michael was given a number of tasks that were alien to him but had to be completed before the coding could begin:

  • Project set up in our PM software
  • Ticket creation
  • Spec’ing
  • Wireframes
  • Testing Scripts

Before all of the above tasks Michael would be taken through a training session with either the PM or the developer that the task would normally belong to. After being briefed on the basics he would be let loose..

As it happened Michael turned his hand best to testing and wireframing so over the course of his 3 months he was brought on to other projects across eCommerce and Apps to lend a hand and look at the projects from another perspective.

With the projects coming to an end Michael was finally able to break his virginity and put his first site live with us, the Friday drinks have probably never tasted better for him!

3 Months are up…

After 3 months of showing his stickability and never getting any better at coffee making.. Michael has become and integral part of the WP team and is a full time employee, having picked up the skills so quickly he is now leading our client training sessions for WP.

I won’t say too much as I will let him blow his own horn in his follow up article… (before he brings it up.. yes I know stickability isn’t a word!!)

If you are reading this and either want to get in touch about an internship opportunity or know someone who may please do get in touch via our contact page, we are always looking for the next great hire!