Website redesign and build for our most difficult client in London so far

By 28th May 2012April 5th, 2018Creative, Web Design
LogicSpot website redesign - logo sketches

LogicSpot early logo ideasA website redesign for ourselves

We’ve just embarked on a new website redesign and build project for our most difficult client so far.  That’s OURSELVES 🙂

Started slowly – to put it mildly

Why are we the most difficult? Well, first off, we’ve kept pushing ourselves down the priority list.  We’ve done it about 5 times now and then decided enough is enough. We were due to kick-start our new project back in February of this year – yep, that’s nearly 4 months ago.  Various client projects (you know, the ones that pay the bills) were ahead of our own work.

We were also undecided as to what we wanted to do and went around in circles for a wee while.  Did we want to rebuild the website from scratch?  If so … why?    Did we want to rebrand at the same time?  Again, if so … why?  What about the existing content on the site?  And potential customers who are coming to us and saying our site it great!?!?!  🙂

Scope of the website redesign project

So we set about defining the scope of the project.  Or more importantly, defining WHY we wanted to do anything at all.  And it’s pretty simple really – our current branding, colours and site don’t excite us very much.  Not only that, but the existing site was built about 2 years ago … and in that time, we’ve developed and shaped ourselves very quickly – and reached a point where who we are, and how we want to represent ourselves is really different to the blue steady away website you see today.

So our project is split into a number of exercises:

  • Rebranding of LogicSpot.  To deliver vitality, playfulness, energy and professionalism
  • Review of content on existing site and rewrite where required.  The site currently tells visitors WHAT we do – but it doesn’t necessarily speak to the audience. It doesn’t ask questions, nor does it indeed answer all questions raised by visitors.  If that’s what we want to do, we’ve got a decent sized rewrite ahead of ourselves – BUT (and it’s a big but!) we want to retain our superb SEO rankings!
  • Redesign of website – taking the personae we are busy defining and the new ego and branding of our company, we are redesigning the website from a blank page
  • Rebuild the website – we want our website to be a demonstration of all we provide to customers – so that’s awesome content, design, thinking, techniques, coding, cross-browser work, bleeding-(but stable) edge techniques, multi-device/responsive support

Current stage

At the time of writing this, we’ve just completed the rebranding exercise.  We now have a new brand for LogicSpot and you can see more about that in the next posting!  We plan to blog about each stage and what’s going on for us – as much for us to document the stages to look back later … and to share with others how we’ve gone about it – and how we provide such services for our customers.