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By 5th September 2013August 3rd, 2017Creative, Digital Marketing

Inspired by the TED presentation of Simon Sinek ‘How great leaders inspire action’ we have huddled with our senior management team and tried to answer the most fundamental questions for our business – Why do we exist as a business? What inspires us? Why do we get out of bed? What are our unique selling points? Why should anyone choose to work with us? How are we different?

Check out Simon’s presentation here, and, by the way, it’s awesome:

Since we are strong believers in transparency and honesty – we want to show the outcomes from our session with you. So here we go:


Why do we exist as a business? what inspires us? why we get out of bed?

1. Make a difference (e.g. in the world, with clients’ projects, in our staff lives)

  • Affect many people in a good way
  • Give back
  • Help / care
  • Turn around, solve problems

2. Foster growth

  • Nurture (both staff and clients)
  • Take on a journey (show possibilities that are not obviously visible to start with)
  • See potential
  • Give direction

3. Creating relationships

  • Get the best out of people
  • Enjoyment, play – making work pleasurable
  • Honesty, transparency, commitment – making it work no matter the circumstances

4. Passion for excellence

  • Excellence/ perfection
  • Develop ourselves/ learning/ doing something interesting
  • Passion/ doing something we believe in


USP/Differentiation, How do we run our business?

  • We work hand in hand with our clients creating partnership: (3)
    • Get interested in the client’s business
    • Create team
    • Break down silos – us vs them – it’s one team
  • We question/ challenge/ push back and push ourselves to get the best results (All)
  • We create beautiful designs (4)
  • Our websites offer great user experience, they are intuitive and user friendly (4)
  • We follow a tight process (4)
    • audit / questionnaire / probe/ ask questions / challenge also on business level
    • scoping
    • wireframing
    • moodboards
    • user journeys
    • fanatic about testing
  • We have a great support system that fosters transparency (3,4)
  • We are gathering industry knowledge (4)
  • We have many ‘second surgery clients’ and have developed a special methodology to turn them around (1,2)
    • expertise
    • R&D, leading technologies
    • best practices
  • We give back(1)
    • To our clients
      • Turnarounds, ‘second surgery’
      • LogicSpot academy – sharing knowledge across clients/ cross-fertilise
    • To our staff
      • Training / development
      • Cross-training, allowing change of career paths
      • Mentoring
      • Conferences
    • To Magento community
      • Conferences
      • Blogs
      • Code
      • Guest speaking
    • To wider community
      • Interns
      • Charitable projects


What do we do?

  • Websites (strong focus)
  • E-commerce (strong focus)
  • Apps (strong focus)
  • Support/Hosting
  • SEO, SMM, PPC, content strategy, etc.
  • Other – challenge us! 🙂

It would be awesome to know what you think about our values and what we are about 🙂  Please feel free to comment.  And thank you for reading!