Facebook News Feed Update Explained

By 1st April 2013December 18th, 2017Digital Marketing, Social Media
Facebook News Feed

Here we are again! Most of us have weathered the Edgerank storm and have optimised brand Facebook pages to regain the reach, engagement and ROI that was abruptly poached by a sudden update to the Facebook news feed. A number of marketers continue to loathe the Edgerank. However (for me) it has achieved its duty of providing a highly relevant and personalised news feed for every individual user. If you’re posting crap content, no one wants it clogging up his or her feed. That’s where the Edgerank has come in to assassinate that unwanted noise. Anyway… moving on!

3-4 months down the line and we are looking at another Facebook invasion that’s set to shake up the way we approach customers and fans. The news feed update is set to give the user more control of the content they are exposed to by having multiple feeds in which they can easily drift between. The design moves towards a very simplistic style, with more space for content, user recommendations and most importantly photos & videos! This update takes away the dictatorship of the Edgerank and (fingers crossed) provides more opportunities for brand pages to be seen.

It’s hard to predict the impact that this will have on social media marketing, but it’s important to start thinking about how this update can be best leveraged. To help you on your way, I’ve whipped together a basic infographic that helps explain the new feeds and what they are all about!