Four essential tools to help you measure your Social Media

By 16th December 2013December 18th, 2017Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Analytics & Reporting

Every line is the perfect line if you don’t measure it. It’s the same with social media. Every campaign is a great campaign if you don’t measure it. Very few would argue that we don’t need to measure social media, the big question is how to do it. Social media can be tricky to measure but there are tools that will make it a lot easier for you. We’ve had a look at four different tools to get you an idea of what can be measured.


Let’s begin with SumAll. This is an important tool because it integrates all areas of your business. This means all of your social media activity will be connected to additional sectors of your company. The reason why this helps on the analytics front is because you can connect to the likes of eBay and Google Analytics. This allows you to determine how effective your social media campaign is in relation to other areas of your company.

SumAll is a free tool as of yet, a pricing plan is expected in the coming months.

Sprout Social 

This tool is highly beneficial for businesses in particular. It gives you the capacity to assess your followers based on a selection of diverse demographic measures. In addition to this, you will also have the necessary information to schedule posts in relation to times when they are going to be most effective.

This tool is available in various monthly packages such as Standard, Deluxe and Premium at $39, $59 and $99. A free 30 day trial is included in every plan.

Social Report 

Social Report is an extremely helpful tool that sends you a daily social analytic reports. You can connect all of the main social media networks and get a comprehensive overview with each email.

Starter, Standard, Advanced and Pro comes with a trial for 30 days.  The price of the various packages range from $9 to $159.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics has fairly recently added a social dimension to their tool. The social metrics in Google Analytics are presented in relation to your website. Which social channels are your website visitors from? How are they converting compared to other acquired traffic? Which social channels do visitors share your content on? What is the bounce rate of your social visits? Social is simply one more dimension you can play with in an already huge tool. Expect this section to grow in Google Analytics!

Google Analytic is free.

There are plenty more social media measurement tools out there. This is still very much a growing and maturing industry but we expect that there will be fewer but more dominant tools within the coming years. What is your experience of social media measurement tools? Can you handle your measurement with the built in tools of LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube etc. or have you invested in a tool?