The Lackluster Facebook Like

By 5th December 2012December 18th, 2017Digital Marketing, Social Media
Facebook dislike

You hear marketers bang on about the power of the ‘like’. The good old thumbs up that us social media maniacs crave and some use to measure performance. There’s no doubt I’m one of those social media geeks that get overly excited on the amount of likes and interaction a Facebook campaign has, but is this all set to change?

This is based on my own personal experience & observations so don’t go radically changing your strategy because of me, but I believe the power of the “like” is dwindling and we’ll be all on the hunt for something more valuable in the near future!

On average most Facebook pages are only reaching 10% of the people who have liked their page. That leaves a massive amount of fans which you’ve fought hard to woo that won’t see your Facebook updates & promotions. To really get a post out there, you’re looking at around a £1.21 CPM on a Facebook promoted post! So where does that leave us with social media marketing?

  1. Be cautious with your posting strategy on Facebook. Posts which under-perform on engagement and are not important for the business are the ones which will damage your reach. A quality over quantity approach is needed to ensure you’re getting that interaction and reaching as many fans as possible.
  2. Some brands have resorted to asking their followers to add their page into interest lists to increase their reach. I totally advise against this! Being on an interest list does not guarantee you will appear in the main news feed. Instead, you will be tucked away in your own lonely list on the bottom left hand side of the page.
  3. The future? I’ve seen some changes on the Facebook insights. The ‘Total Subscriber’ count switched its name to ‘Total followers’ and back again. On brand pages you currently cannot subscribe or follow, but I’m going out on a whim here & this is what we’ll all be chasing to guarantee an appearance on the news feed!
  4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

– Twitter has no algorithm, so if you have good follower numbers & tweet regularly, you will get the reach you desire.

– There has been a big buzz around the traffic generation from Pinterest. If Pinterest fits with your business it’s well worth building a substantial pin presence!

– What Google says goes… So if Google tell us Google+ is going to significant… we should be listening & start to think how we can make the most of this platform and be ready for the future.