Shopping apps for fashion

By 8th September 2014 December 14th, 2017 Ecommerce

The Fashion Month kicked off last week in New York and we’ve de decided to play our part. No, sadly we will not sashay down the runway but we’ve tried and tested some of the best fashion shopping apps out there. Here’s what we found:


ASAP 54 shopping appToo scared to ask someone where they bought that jumper? With ASAP 54 you can take or upload a photo of an item that you like and the app will try to find it or styles similar to that item. If it doesn’t find anything for you, someone from ASAP 54 will track it down within 24 hours. Really cool app that is unfortunately only available on iOS.



ASOS shopping app

This shop enabled magazine (shagazine..?) is basically ASOS magazine on steroids. You can shop any of the products you find directly in the app. It will have you reading more and more while scrolling the latest ASOS products at the same time. It provides a neat and seamless read/browse/shop experience. Well done ASOS!



Depop shopping appThis app works and feels like Instagram but it also allows its users to buy the items posted in the app. Users upload images and details of the things they want to sell. The users can then follow sellers, like and comment on items for sale. Depop also has a neat feature that allows the users to chat with the sellers. All transactions are made using PayPal. Depop provides a really seamless browse and shop experience.



Lyst shopping appLyst is a social networking / fashion shopping app that lets you follow your favourite fashion designers. It will update you as soon as something new is out from any of the brands you chose to follow. The app has thousands of designer profile pages with basic facts and images of their clothing. Users can even receive notifications from the designers they follow when items are reduced in price. An extra nice feature is the possibility to browse different categories and filters to really narrow down your view. Users can filter by keywords, colour, sale items, price range etc. Too bad it’s only available on iOS.



Mr. Poreter's shopping appIf you like Mr. Porter’s website, you will like this app. It is simply a slightly trimmed version of it. A powerful shopping app without any fuss. It’s super easy to navigate and with the strict product focus (they’ve stripped out their editorial section for the app), it’s even easier to use.



Polyvore appPolyvore is a really clever little app. It allows its users to discover and create so called sets. A set is a collage of items put together on a canvas. This way, anyone can create their own fashion styles and interior designs. The extra neat thing is that you can purchase the items directly through Polyvore. This allows you to first create a style and then simply shop-the-style.

It takes some time to get your head around this app but take your time, it’s worth it! Although Polyvore works great on smartphones the ‘set’ building is much more fun on a tablet. Learn more about Polyvore in our blog post: Polyvore is social commerce done well.



Pose shopping appWith Pose you can buy, sell, trade and discuss fashion items. Its users can also follow bloggers, stylists and other members. There is also an option to upload your own look and tag what you are wearing.

With so many functions Pose is a bit tricky to get around. It’s hard to discern the main purpose of the app which makes it hard to use. There is a good idea behind it though and we hope they’ll crystalize it!



Shopkade shopping appShopcade provides a personal yet social shopping experience. Users can browse the daily trending feed which is a collection of new styles, filled with celebrity’s styles and new trends from Shopcade’s curators and various blogs and magazines. Users can also click on a celebrity in the app, browse and buy the items (or at least similar items) to what they wear. If an item is saved, the app will alert the user when it’s on sale or a deal is being offered. Shopcade is a bit tricky to get used to but can be useful once you get the hang of it.



Shpock appSchpok is like a car boot sale on your phone. Buying and selling is very easy and the app itself is rather addictive. One of the neat features of the app is that all the goods for sale are sorted by proximity i.e. you can see items close to you. No need to add personal details, the app simply checks your whereabouts through your phone and updates accordingly.



Snapette shopping appSnapette is a location based fashion app that allows its users to discover fashion from all over the world. If you’re familiar with Foursquare you will find this a bit similar. Having said that, Snapette is of course all about fashion. Users, brands and retailers can upload and browse photos. A part from being fun to use (albeit a bit tricky…) Snapette has the potential to drive traffic to retail partners’ physical stores. As with many other apps, Snapette’s success is dependent on how many retailers sign up. We tried the app in Richmond, London and only got five results for stores and all of them in central London. We even found some stores that, according to the app, are based in the Pacific Ocean.



Gleam shopping appGleam is a really sleek fashion app that allows its users to browse new styles. You cannot shop directly from the app but clicking the shop button will take you to the specific brands product page. It’s easy to navigate products and find more and similar items. Gleam is beautifully designed so it was a bit surprising to see all the in-app ads that really ruined the overall experience.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this app is the Fashion Intelligence Platform which lets brands get insights to consumers’ interaction with their products. Brands have to pay a subscription fee to get access.


We know that there are plenty of fashion and shopping apps out there. We’ve only covered a handful. Let us know which ones you are using and what you think of them.