We talk to Nosto, one of our trusted technology partners

By 27th October 2016December 18th, 2017Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Email Marketing
Kevin Paiser - Head of Sales EMEA at Nosto

Our technology partner Nosto is one of the most industry proven personalisation solutions on the market and we’re very honoured to have worked closely with them for the last few years. It would only make sense to tell you a bit more about them. Here, Head of Sales EMEA Kevin Paiser, talks about the company and its future plans.


What is your role at Nosto?

Working for a SaaS (software as a service) company you are often involved in many parts of the puzzle. This is what helps the companies evolve so quickly and it is this variety that I enjoy. My primary role however, is to drive the sales channels for EMEA. This consists of six international sales teams, which I manage, as well as a lot of time working with clients, partners and account managers across all markets.


Could you give us a short description of what Nosto does?

Nosto is a complete personalisation solution for retailers. Our goal is to personalise the world of commerce by analysing customer behaviour in order to serve relevant product recommendations. This allows merchants to engage with customers at the right time, in the right place with the right product and message. Our solution assists ecommerce businesses with acquiring, converting and retaining customers, through 4 key offerings: Dynamic Social Advertising, such as Facebook Ads; Behavioural Pop-ups; Personalised Email Marketing; and Smart Onsite Recommendations.


In what countries does Nosto operate today?

We are a global business with clients and partners in over 103 countries. We currently have offices in Helsinki, where our R&D and Management are based, as well as Berlin, Stockholm, London and New York, where our local commercial and marketing teams operate.


Why should companies choose to integrate Nosto on their site?

More and more companies are looking at ways to utilise customer data in order to improve the everyday decisions they make for their business, help them increase revenues, and deliver better customer experiences. With the realisation that managing and making sense of this data can be a complex and time consuming task, Nosto was founded. As a technology we assist companies in making product merchandising decisions not only automatic, but also much more informed with a tool that, despite its power, is also easy to use and offers real-time control.


How does Nosto maximise online sales for its customers?

Our data processing engine allows customers to make proper use of their most valuable resource – their data, and ultimately enables them to improve the customer experience. Founded by a merchant, our core values are those of transparency and making sure the technology delivers the best results and value for our customers. We work on a performance based model which customers love as it gives them a clear picture of the ROI that the solution generates, whilst proactively interacting closely with customers to constantly optimise their use of Nosto.


How do you stay up to date with the latest solutions in the fast-paced industry of ecommerce?

Besides reading tech related articles from key industry sources, I make sure I reach out and talk to people in the industry – that includes customers, agencies and technology providers. This helps me to continually learn and makes me aware of what’s new in both the technology and ecommerce industry.


One initiative I started in the past few months within the company is the Nosto Academy, in which we invite technology providers, ecommerce agencies and clients to share learnings and key challenges they are seeing today. This allows us to stay current as a company and is an approach I would recommend to any other company in this space.


What can we expect from Nosto next year in terms of digital presence?

Nosto as a company is very ambitious. We want to deliver easy but powerful personalisation technology to allow marketers and ecommerce experts the freedom to act fast in a quickly changing industry. To do this it important that we also keep pace, so we have set ambitious goals in terms of further developing our technology and connections. This will allow us to support more areas of the business and, eventually, be able to offer personalisation across all commerce channels.


We have already expanded our offering from onsite personalisation to include advertising, email marketing and behavioural pop-ups – now we’re planning on releasing more new and exciting features to increase user engagement further. We are known for quick release cycles, feature updates and going out with completely new features so there’s a lot to look forward to. We are also starting to focus even more on personalisation for omni-channel experiences as this is already a growing behaviour by consumers.


You mentioned on your website that you are hiring – what positions are you looking to fill at the moment?

We are expanding at an amazing pace so we are continuously looking for exceptional talent across all areas of the business to join our teams in London, Berlin, Stockholm, New York and Helsinki. So if you want to join a company that’s building the future of commerce – and having a lot of fun in the process – we’d love to hear from you. Please check our latest open positions.


If you would like to find out more about how we can integrate Nosto with your website, please drop us a line on: 0208 335 6611, or fill out our contact form.