Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 – What should you know?

Magento 2 Migration

With the announcement by (Adobe owned) Magento that it will no longer support versions of Magento 1 in the coming year, many customers have been left wondering where that leaves them.

As Magento 1 is slowly phased out and customers are urged to migrate to Magento 2, we’re on hand to help you understand what that means for you and your business.

Time is running out

As of June 2020, support will no longer be available for anyone running on Magento 1. With the clock ticking, online businesses are being forced to consider the move- and fast!

What does this mean?

With official support coming to an end, there will be no no more security updates or improvements available to those who do not take the necessary steps. To put it simply, without opting to upgrade, ecommerce sites running on older versions will be more susceptible to security breaches, data transfer problems, and performance issues. This could potentially include server attacks, website attacks, spam attacks and the undetected capture of payment details.

To make matters worse, as a knock on effect this will result in slow performance and difficult to navigate websites- which we all know can affect traffic to the site, custom and sales.

Tell me more…

Before we go any further, you’ll need to get to grips with the terminology.

What was once known as Magento Community edition is now called Open Source (or OS for short) and what was Magento Enterprise edition is now know as Commerce. And the difference?

Magento 2 Commerce is priced based on varying factors such as the size and type of your business, whereas Magento Open Source is free. Sound like a no brainer? While Open Source may be a suitable option for particularly tech- savvy small business owners who intend on migrating on their own, Commerce is advised for bigger, more involved systems.

Here, we take a comparative look at the key differences:

Magento Commerce Version
1.14 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3

Maximising Conversion & Sales

Page builder drag & drop content management

PWA studio

PayPal smart buttons

B2B- ready functionality and APIs

Instant Purchase Integrated dotdigital (formerly dotmailer)

Integrated Amazon Pay

Integrated Klarna

PayPal in-context checkout


Mobile- optimised themes

Streamlined checkout

Smarter, Faster Operations

Multi-Source Inventory management

Magento Shipping

Integrated Vertex

Integrated signified Fraud Protection

Business Intelligence

Content staging and preview

Redesigned admin that is easy to use and touch enabled

Platform, Performance, and Security Enhancements

Continued tech stack updates

Ongoing performance, quality, and security improvements

Asynchronous & Bulk APIs


Declarative Schema for easier installations & upgrades

Security Tools: 2FA, ReCAPTCHA, ACL, WAF

PHP 7.2

PHP 7.1

Magento- optimised cloud

Varnish caching

What are the benefits (According to Magento)

  • Customizable, pre-built responsive themes provide an optimized starting point for your site
  • Advanced page building delivers powerful, intuitive content development capabilities
  • Content staging and preview lets you easily create, preview, and schedule site updates to optimize your campaign timing and impact
  • Pre-built integration with enterprise CMS services enables contextual commerce and personalization at scale Expand Your Market Presence with Ease
  • Integrated Magento Social magnifies your commerce presence through social channels
  • Integrated Magento Shipping provides easy access to global shippers to simplify expansion
  • Global cloud service powers you to easily and quickly expand into new geographic regions
  • Included dotmailer delivers smarter, faster email marketing campaigns utilizing live Magento store data Empower Non-Technical Teams
  • Content staging and preview simplifies the site update process, removing IT as a dependency for implementation
  • Easy-to-use content creation enables marketing teams to build, launch, and manage custom content without IT
  • Intuitive administration panels with customizable user experiences streamline the way teams work Drive Conversion and Repeat Purchasing
  • Redesigned two-step checkout and an Instant Purchase option speed up order conversion by reducing checkout steps and utilizing saved payment and shipping information
  • Enhanced PayPal buying experiences drive faster checkout through overlay windows that can access PayPal-stored payment methods, all without leaving the merchant’s site Enhance Your Speed, Scalability, and Security
  • All-in-one Magento-optimized technology stack provides the best, most secure technology for Magento
  • 99.99% full stack SLA provides peace of mind
  • Global CDN ensures speedy content delivery to meet user expectations
  • Peak volume allowances let you plan and pay for average volume instead of peak volume
  • Continuous software-hardware evaluation results in optimized commerce performance, including extensions The Merchant’s Quick Guide to Upgrading to Magento Commerce 2 4 MAGENTO GUIDE Unleash Your Development Teams
  • Magento-managed cloud infrastructure results in fewer relationships and technologies to manage
  • Reduced need to support marketing and website campaigns frees your IT team to focus on strategic projects
  • Widely adopted technical methods and best practices result in faster development and testing time, improved code quality, and more time to focus on innovation Boost Your Selling Capabilities
  • Native B2B capabilities enable you to seamlessly create new online sales opportunities alongside B2C operations
  • Virtually limitless third-party integrations with faster and more efficient APIs enable new capabilities and workflows Improve Your Data Intelligence
  • Magento Business Intelligence Essentials is included, providing enterprise-grade analytics and insight from unified data sources, while enabling customized dashboards and KPIs Utilize True Omnichannel Capabilities
  • Seamless integration with Magento Order Management delivers real operational efficiency while creating shopping services that delight customers (e.g. ship-from-store, ship-to-store, pick-up in store)

Tell me some good news

If you are a company who only recently spent time and money setting up a Magento 1 store, this is all going to come as a bit of a kick in the teeth to you. However, before you ask when Magento 3 may be enforced upon you (and the answer is that nobody knows) the good news is that Magento 1 has been successfully running for more than 10 years, with M2 showing more promising signs of payment integration, advanced security and continuous improvements.

How can LogicSpot help you with your Magento 2 migration process?

Here at Logicspot we are somewhat experts when it comes to Magento. We can guide your migration to Magento 2 from your existing platform with ongoing 24×7 support and development. Whatever stage you’re at, whatever service you require, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You can have a look at what we do here.