Magento ecommerce – What’s new in Magento 1.6.1

By 16th December 2011August 27th, 2015Ecommerce

In October 2011, Magento ecommerce released version 1.6.1 which adds some new features to Magento ecommerce including a two-step password reset flow and a Webservices API update.

Finally Magento ecommerce 1.6.1 allows you to add configurable products to your wishlist with options defined – making it much more easier to save products you want to buy later.

Before 1.6.1 when you wanted to buy a T-shirt that was on your wishlist you would get redirected back to product page to chose size. That made your way from wishlist to a cart a multiple clicks journey. Now it’s as simple as clicking add to cart  directly on your wishlist.

Magento ecommerce 1.6.1 wishlists


Check out for more info on Magento ecommerce 1.6.1 release.

Don’t forget: backup all your files and data base before upgrade to new Magento ecommerce version!