The only way is up!

By 22nd July 2015December 7th, 2017Ecommerce
The only way is up poster

Two weeks ago we packed our bags and moved to our beautiful, new, shiny, awesome office. We’ve been waiting for 2.5 years for the building to be renovated, refurbished and, finally, ready. We’ve had to keep it so quiet as we progressed the legals and it was only in the last few days we can finally announce it!   It’s funny what a new space (and more light!) can do to ones inspiration. We’re chuffed to bits with our new space and coffee machine (Gordon).

The new office is on the top floor and has a stunning view of London and the Shard. It also has a lovely (and huge) balcony where we plan to have client meetings (weather permitting), parties and a chill-out zone.

Why did we move? In the early days of LogicSpot, Mark always had a vision of around 30 people working, researching and chilling in a large warehouse-style office, with brick walls, wood floor and architect-style white desks.  We are proud to say that this is the place we envisioned. We are also growing quite quickly and couldn’t fit in more people in our old office so it couldn’t happen at a better time – the new office has plenty of space for us to grow into.

Where have we moved? The new office is still in Richmond (we’re not the only ones who think it’s the place to be) and is just up the road from our old office and if possible, we’re even closer to the train station than before! Google seems to have a bit of an issue understanding our new address, so to make it super clear – this is how to find us:

This is a new chapter for us and we’re excited about what it means for us and our lovely clients. With a big new space comes big new ideas!


LogicSpot's office

It’s still a bit messy but we’re getting there.


LogicSpot's office kitchen

Part of the kitchen and the make shift meeting room.


LogicSpot's office balcony

The real meeting room…


LogicSpot office view of kitchen and logo

…and the office from another angle.


The new address is LogicSpot, Midmoor House, Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2NQ.  If you want to visit and come and see the new space or hang out on the balcony with a coffee and chat, just give us a call – we’d love to welcome you.