Types of Ecommerce Websites

By 15th April 2012August 10th, 2017Ecommerce
Ecommerce Websites

The right ecommerce websites for a client depend on a number of factors.

Ecommerce websites all perform the same outward function – that is, to allow your end user to browse products or services and eventually purchase them. The back end of an ecommerce website, though, may differ according to the level of integration you require it to have with the rest of your business processes.

A small business, which expects to sell a limited range of products in relatively modest numbers, may be best served using WordPress ecommerce websites, which are extremely simple to build and maintain, and which can have external pay gates attached to them so all transactions are fully legally compliant and secure with no particular input required from the client.

Bigger companies or clients with a more complex range of products, though, may be better served using Magento, which can handle a lot more complexity internally and still look slick and simple to the end user.

WordPress ecommerce websites are ideal for content management (e.g. WooCommerce). All content is managed through a Word-like interface (hence the name), familiar to nearly all users and bulletproof to boot. Magento ecommerce websites, on the other hand, are more likely to be fixed – the changes in the site content come from changes made to product databases by staff members in the normal way. So where a site requires more interactivity with business systems and less daily upload of pictures or words, Magento may be the way to go.

In some cases, the kind of ecommerce websites best suited to a client are dictated by the website they already have. Adding ecommerce capabilities into an existing website can be more challenging, both for developer and client – and often ecommerce websites created in this way will end up being a stop gap on the road to a more rounded and fully designed ecommerce solution.

Ultimately, the ecommerce websites best suited to a brand are the sites that sell the most products. To do this effectively it is necessary to pay attention to the SEO capabilities of the ecommerce platform you choose to use.