WooCommerce acquired by Automattic

By 26th May 2015December 18th, 2017CMS, Ecommerce
WooCommerce joins the Automattic

As a WordPress evangelist I’m delighted to hear that Automattic– the company that brings you WordPress – has acquired WooCommerce, a popular WordPress plugin that turns your site into a full featured online store.

Last year WordPresss.com raised 160 million and now it looks like they are starting to use some of that money to skyrocket the platform to new heights.

WooCommerce has always been free and has very much adopted the ethos that Automattic work toward, that is – open source, for the people and powered by the community. They have had overwhelming success, as co-founder of WooCommerce Mark Forrester puts it – “…and here we find ourselves powering over 24% of online stores with our flagship product, WooCommerce.”

BuiltWith’s survey of ecommerce platforms shows Woo passing up Magento in the top million, with about triple the number of total sites. With these numbers I expect good things to come from the acquisition.


Here at LogicSpot we use WooCommerce on some of our sites – it makes for a delightful experience for both customers and site managers alike. The interface is intuitive and robust.

Matt Mullenweg co-founder of WordPress says, “… WooCommerce joins the Automattic team to make it easier for people to sell online.”

I expect to see big things come from the merger – maybe not immediately but certainly over time. For more watch Matt Mullenweg talk more on the subject.