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—   Front-end Developer


—   Front-end Developer

Mario is a highly skilled Web Developer, specializing in front-end development. He is experienced in all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects, but mostly loves full-stack projects based on the newest technology. He is also well-versed in numerous programming languages.
Mario is passionate about paleo-astronautics, sport cars and car drift, new future technologies and sociology.

What's your favourite quote?

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

What's your favourite website?

What superpower would you like?

Mind reading

Who would play you in a movie?

Nicolas Cage

What was your favourite band from childhood?

The Cranberries

Your claim to fame?

I prefer to be an anonymous person with power.

Where would you like to go in a time machine?

In the future

What's your favourite drink?

Martini based on gin and lime

Who would you like to invite to a dinner party?

Friends and friends of friends