Magento Certified Plus Developer


—   Magento Developer
Magento Certified Plus Developer


—   Magento Developer

Stas is a Magento Developer and came all the way from Belarus to work with us! He has a considerable experience in working with Magento modules, in both development and support - leading most of the tech delivery for Amasty!

He is passionate about motorbikes and cars, with a bit of street/drag racing background, and a big fan of Alfa Romeo. Anything else he really loves? His cat - Temka!

What's your favourite quote?

Have you tried to turn it off and on again?

What's your favourite website?

What superpower would you like?

I wish I could search people by IP

Who would play you in a movie?

My role was stolen by Chris O'Dowd from “IT Crowd”, because I am actually acting like this 'till now

What was your favourite band from childhood?


Your claim to fame?

Managed to teach my cat to react on one command… after some hours of shouting

Where would you like to go in a time machine?

Bring me back in time for 7 years to slap myself for all wasted time on lineage 2

What's your favourite drink?

Honey whiskey with apple juice

Who would you like to invite to a dinner party?

Nobody. I don’t like parties.