Branding, responsive website, and Moodle to boot!

Adult Enterprise provides training and resources for adult entrepreneurs looking to expand their skill set, and enable them to create, launch and build new businesses.
Their goal is to create a national curriculum and put in place structures that allow local providers to deliver the resources required.
We worked with Adult Enterprise to build three sites from scratch – they needed a holding site, a larger public content website, and thirdly a community-based site they could use to connect with their partners and students.
We really believe in what Adult Enterprise have set out to do and were very proud to be a part of their work!


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Brand Development

One of the key deliverables for Adult Enterprise was their branding – we worked with them to develop an online brand presence along with offline collateral. Working on guidelines and style guides, branded webpages and content as well as printed material allowed them to pave the way for future development.

Moodle Reimagined

Adult Enterprise wanted to use Moodle to create community pages for their partners and students, however they wanted it to be customised to them and their brand.
By changing some of the front-end features, including a deeper header, an intuitive starting page with a clear login panel, the experience was driven by our client, rather than the technology they elected to use.

Adult Enterprise homepage