Improving ecommerce UX with this fashion indie

Ahilya is a womenswear label producing luxury cashmere knitwear, dresses and separates.
The brand carefully sources its cashmere from Kashmir, working closely with craftsmen from the region and drawing inspiration from traditional practices from Ladakh and the Changtangi highlands. Through its support of these communities, Ahilya provides a sustainable and ethical fashion brand – that is both fashion-forward and wearable.

Ahilya were looking for someone to support their website, delivering ad-hoc front-end and back-end updates, and support their site 24×7.
As one of the few agencies in London that provide both hosting support and ecommerce development, we were well suited to work with Ahilya.

User experience

We have delivered a range of site updates and improvements to Ahilya’s Magento website, all geared toward improving the user experience, and conversion rate. The category page can now for example be browsed via a grid-view option, and a hover-over feature to show product descriptions has been added. We’ve implemented a product zoom and sizing charts on product pages and the homepage content has been enhanced. These features all give Ahilya’s customer more information in a fewer number of clicks, and makes their experience fast and straightforward.

Brand message

Ahilya have a strong brand message and wanted to communicate this loud and clear throughout their website. We have included a unique ‘Ahilya’s World’ page, which is a masonry-style area for blog content and other content pages. Ahilya features a drop-down menu from their logo on the homepage, which shows a summary of the brand and the company’s mission statement. There is also a Charitable Donation option on the checkout page, allowing customers to donate to Ahilya’s worthwhile cause.

Ahilya homepage