Rapid Magento development, hosting and conversion optimisation

babyREFLUX is a company specialising in the creation and delivery of high quality baby products, specifically designed to make life easier for children and parents suffering the effects of reflux. Before we met the business owners, we were unaware of the extent of the issues around baby reflux, let alone of the burgeoning market and community to help parents and children with the condition.

With a number of exciting ideas, babyREFLUX were looking for an ecommerce partner who could help them realise their vision. They also needed a Magento agency to resolve their existing and pressing issues. They’d paused a lot of ideas for a long time due to the previous supplier unable to deliver.


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Increase in revenue





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Magento Development & Support

We successfully worked through tasks in priority order with weekly site upgrades and deployments. We met every few weeks with the client to discuss innovative ideas to grow traffic, sales volumes, visitor experience, search positions and more.

Magento Hosting

One of the first tasks we carried out was to migrate them from their old hosting to our Magento hosting – built to provide fast and reliable hosting for ecommerce sites. Due to the carefully planned migration which involved all four of their websites, we only ever had minutes of downtime. We halved their page load time.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

In early analysis, we noticed the checkout process was very poor. This resulted in a high percentage of dropped sales. We implemented a OneStepCheckout page with postcode lookup and address books for returning customers.

We added two different payment methods. One was Stripe – a very simple and affordable credit and debit card solution. The other was PayPal Express which allows customers to checkout without using the onsite checkout process.

We also implemented follow-up marketing emails, onsite cross-selling using natural product groupings and many other new features.

Baby Reflux