Magento development & improved hosting enabling growth

Crooked Tongues entered the sportswear market in 2000 to create a reliable and up-to-date store for sneaker fanatics, and are now an ASOS Group company. As a multi-brand retailer, they carry household favourites alongside cult collector brands – Nike Air Maxes sit alongside Etonic Streetfighters in a slick edit of classic styles and new releases.

Crooked Tongues have a loyal customer base and exclusive products. However, their site was performing poorly with frequent down time and an easily-overloaded server. They enlisted us to whip their site into shape, and create a robust infrastructure that would support their business. We provide them with ongoing hosting, support and Magento development.


Increase in new sessions


Improvement in page load speed on mobile


Decrease in sessions without shopping activity

Hosting Migration

Migrating Crooked Tongues’ website to LogicSpot and a higher-capacity hosting platform was a huge and potentially very risky project. We carefully scoped the move by consulting a range of hosting providers, creating a highly detailed migration path, and forecasting potential downtime to the nearest minute.

After an exhaustive Magento audit, extensive load testing, and setting up remote monitoring with 24×7 support, we were ready to move. We replicated Crooked Tongues’ site in a staging environment, and moved it to a high-latency connection on a dedicated server stack.

Traffic Capacity

Crooked Tongues were driving healthy traffic to their Magento website through product launches, targeted newsletters and social media. Unfortunately, these successful marketing campaigns would frequently overload and shut down the site due to capacity and coding issues. The Magento code audit we performed identified the causes of this non-performance, so we started chipping away at the necessary changes. Within a couple of weeks, we smashed Crooked Tongues’ all-time record for concurrent users on site by over 400% – without changing any of the incumbent hardware.

Magento Optimisation

Now that we are up and running, we are working to build a site that’s leaner and more stable in every way: from customer journey through to hosting capacity. Along with an assortment of code issues, we found the site to have a high number of Magento extensions which were contributing to its poor performance.

Week by week, we are consolidating and streamlining these extensions, and re-writing the code. Not only will we be able to reduce Crooked Tongues’ hosting costs, but we are creating space for real growth for their business. We’re excited to see where they will go with it – and not just because we love their trainers…

Crooked Tongues product

“Been a while since I had owt tweet worthy… Huge thanks to the great folks at #logicspot @logicspot for miracle cure work today. #magento”


–  Ben, Crooked Tongue via Twitter