First Echelon have created a new business model within the aviation market, connecting worldwide legacy aircraft operators with the suppliers that support them across the globe.

As experts in the field, they were able to identify a real gap in the supply chain, and have begun bridging it using their specialised expertise and carefully applied technology.

First Echelon wanted a website that would deliver new and unique business functionality, and we partnered with them to architect it from first principles.

We designed and built their new site using a blend of communities, forums, and a platform for third parties to manage, buy and sell stock.

Business Intelligence

We worked closely with the key stakeholders at First Echelon to scope, plan, and define the goals of the website, before beginning any build or development. We:

  • Held scoping workshops over three weeks aimed at defining business goals, personas, workflows and user journeys.
  • Worked in the capacity of a collective CTO, injecting a high level of technical expertise into the heart of the business

Rather than feeling our way along, we could forecast the needs of the business based on a long-term projection, and we designed and build the site accordingly.

First Echelon site design based on BI
First Echelon website design
Site development for First Echelon

Site Development

We integrated Magento Enterprise, WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress to build a totally unique experience for First Echelon and their customers.

The site incorporates communities and forums with a sales platform: suppliers and stockists can connect with one another, and buy and sell the airplane parts they need – all in the same space.

We created a user-friendly experience pulling together our technical and UI/UX delivery, and bringing key partners into the fold. Pure 360 delivers integrated email marketing, and Stripe Payments provides smooth payment processing.

Above the clouds
Air plane
Air plane flying
First Echelon Magento and WordPress site

Hosting Migration

The site build was a big and complex project, involving thousands of man-hours, and we were working to tight deadlines.

First Echelon wanted to join the market in line with key industry events, including an international aviation conference.

We had to quickly scale our team, so with diligent resource management and careful project management we’ve delivered each phase on time.