Getting much more out of the platform – delivering ecommerce for tomorrow

Fixfast manufacture and supply specialist building fasteners and components for the exteriors and roofs of a wide range of buildings.

Their very strong business foundations, amazing, extensive product range and their foresight in the industry has enabled them to pass through a very difficult 2020 and drive forwards as a business with a focus on delivering a better customer experience today, and plan a roadmap for the future.

I’m delighted to say they appointed LogicSpot to drive their ecommerce ventures forward earlier this year and we have made huge strides already and formed a very close partnership with them.

During site hosting migration we made significant site performance improvements, and within the first month we carried out a Magento 2 Commerce upgrade and further performance improvements.

We’re very lucky to have them as a client – their approach to business and their exceptional values make it a joy to work with them every day.


faster Time To Interactive


Decrease in TTFB

“Working with LogicSpot has been a breath of fresh air. They have a team of great people who are really friendly, easy to work with and most importantly know what they are doing! They are beyond efficient so we always know exactly what is happening when and ultimately how much it’s going to cost the business.

We have grand plans for the next 12 months and feel totally confident that having LogicSpot as our partner will be able to deliver on them.

I’ve already recommended them to other businesses and will continue to do so. Huge thank you to all the LogicSpot team”

–  Emma Watkins, Head of Marketing and Customer Service