A Shopify Plus website for a pan-European retailer

Flying Tiger Copenhagen needs no introduction!

The Danish variety store opened its first shop in Copenhagen in 1995 and has grown to almost 1,000 Flying Tiger shops across Europe with their largest markets being in Denmark, Spain, Italy and the UK.

When we were approached in December 2020, Flying Tiger only had ecommerce sites in their native Denmark as well as Sweden – whilst the overriding majority of sales was brought in through their bricks and mortar stores.

We were therefore tasked with designing, building and launching a new eCommerce site with the ability to serve multiple European countries.

Managing thousands of products – time for a PIM

Product rotation is very high.  Launch new products very quickly – every two weeks or so.  New products created, images shot, curated, translated.  Before this was on a cloud equivalent of an Excel spreadsheet, with developers involved to push any products live.

Given the considerable number of products we were faced with managing, it went without question that we would need to enlist the expertise of our friends at Akeneo. A Product Information Management (PIM) solution was necessary to collect, manage the information, create a product catalogue, and deliver first-class product experiences.

The existing Danish and Swedish markets was delivered as an expedited solution – taking what was already in place on the previous ecommerce site and re-engineering.  We then took this and re-architected substantially – putting in place the long-term solution which is there now; and also helping with the master plan of this being integrated with the wider systems including Dynamics AX and Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus – three months for end-to-end delivery

Within just three short months of being engaged by Flying Tiger, we had designed the core EU site, began user acceptance testing (UAT), implemented the PIM solution and consulted on other integrations such as Klevu and Mailchimp.

We had to follow our accelerated scoping and design process – rapidly forming a project delivery team alongside the client – meaning we met every couple of days to drive the site architecture, design and more.

We worked closely with their brand executives to make sure we took their strong brand execution into the site.  The predominant site visitors were from mobile devices so the site was truly designed and built mobile-first.

International scale

We have built this site so that it is able to roll out with relative ease to other countries, including multi-currency, multilingual, shipping and more.

We’ve used Klevu for search – it was a no-brainer really as the integration with Shopify “just works” and the rich feature set fit the clients needs perfectly – with a lot of headroom for further enhancements and customisations later, as needed.

We also brought on our own content writers for the client – supporting their merchandising team with rich product content.

What does the future hold?

With the foundations built, Flying Tiger are now able to start trading online in more European countries and gain valuable insights as to what products sell well, where, and can continually evolve and tailor their sites for each market.

We are particularly proud of what the whole team achieved on this project in such a short timeline. We continue to work with Flying Tiger to refine and expand their capabilities and are delighted to have been involved in such a great project so far!