Complex suite of sites for a rich customer experience

Imagination Technologies is an innovative market leader specialising in graphics vision, AI processing and multi-standard communication solutions. Focusing on designing high-efficient low-power IP cores to create a smarter and more connected world that solves key problems in new and efficient ways.

The client came to us with a very long wishlist of requirements, a wonderful, small team, and knowing where their strengths lay, but also where they had gaps and needed our expertise.   This wasn’t a one-off “build me this website” – it was a relationship that we knew they wanted to foster and grow over time, so, as usual with most client relationships, we set up goals for team members, checkpoints that included senior members of the client and LogicSpot teams, what training and mentoring looked like, and much more.

This close working relationship proved to be exactly what Imagination Technologies needed for us to jointly deliver a programme of web solutions over a period of time.

We carried out early discovery sessions and identified that they were missing any in-house expertise on the WooCommerce ecosystem, best practice, and were lacking in secure and auditable agreements with their customers, and communication with their user base had dwindled.  We set about, jointly, putting together a roadmap not only of current site weaknesses (technical, functional, UI, UX, all), but also a plan of new functionality they wanted to add to acquire, engage, foster, and grow their user base.

We implemented faster code execution and frontend rendering to improve the useability and functionality of the site.  Then we introduced the integration of BuddyPress and bbPress plugins to switch up the social media and forum functions.

To improve on the communication between their members, we separated out their blog and added additional content features such as a newsfeed and social feed with the functionality to filter and search specific topics. This made for a much more streamlined experience.

Our main focus of work, however, revolved around their award-winning University Program and the handling of sensitive data. Our team concentrated on building a custom download manager, allowing for each document distributed by the University to be assigned a bespoke licence agreement that requires acceptance and a signature by users before they are able to access it. 

These implementations helped the company stand out from their competitors and deliver better and more functional solutions to their customers.

We continue to keep an eye on the good work that they are doing and maintain a close relationship with all the team.