Full site redesign and Magento migration

JING Tea is recognised by many as the world’s finest quality tea brand. Founder Edward Eisler, set up the business in 2004 with a commitment to source and share the most precious teas that man and nature can produce. Now chosen by celebrated chefs and discerning retailers, including Heston Blumenthal and the Manderin Oriental Group, JING Tea’s mission is to inspire the world to enjoy tea at its best.

JING Tea approached LogicSpot with a brief to perform a full Magento site design and build. Their aim was to increase visitors, conversion and ultimately online revenue, through a new site embodying JING Tea’s focus on quality. Working to a tight deadline, LogicSpot delivered the new site in less than 8 months.

Project scoping, full site redesign and warehouse integration

JING Tea came to LogicSpot with a site built on Laposa Onxshop. They were keen to move to Magento to take advantage of its impressive ecommerce features, functionality and scalability, but wanted to do it fast. Not only did they want a site that better reflected their high-end, quality brand, but it needed to seamlessly integrate with their other existing systems.

After our trademark scoping and discovery phase, LogicSpot’s team of designers and developers built a new site from scratch for JING Tea and migrated across all their data. The new Magento Community site showcases the brand’s elegance, quality and passion for sourcing rare and precious teas, and seamlessly links to Helix, their warehousing and inventory system.

Post project support, new initiatives and continuous development

Having launched in June 2016, LogicSpot continued to support JING Tea to further improve the site’s ecommerce functionality. By keeping close track of the company’s KPIs we target and refine our support activity, to deliver against the highest priority items first. As well as site speed, focus lay on maximising ‘gifting’, as well as further improve the checkout functionality.


“Our focus is on quality. LogicSpot have done a great job in building our new Magento site to a high standard. I am really happy with the design which I think beautifully showcases our passion and love for the product.”


–  Matthew Arscott, JING Tea, Website Manager