Making sense of big data to expand to new markets

Johnson & Johnson has more than 275 operating companies in more than 60 countries employing approximately 128,700 people. Their worldwide headquarters is in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.
Their brands include numerous household names of medications and first aid supplies. Among its well-known consumer products are the Band-Aid Brand line of bandages, Tylenol medications, Johnson’s baby products, Neutrogena skin and beauty products, Clean & Clear facial wash and Acuvue contact lenses.
We have worked in cooperation with Rainmakers CSI, a boutique market and customer intelligence consulting company, to deliver a business intelligence tool to a leading global healthcare products & pharmaceuticals manufacturer – Johnson & Johnson.

Project objective

Johnson & Johnson have access to vast amounts of external industry and demographic research data as well as internal data to inform their strategic decisions. Unfortunately, each research data vendor only makes it possible to analyse only a small part of the big/global picture that Johnson & Johnson were looking to see. The research vendor data is also not easily mashable with internal data to produce the most meaningful analyses.
What the team wanted was a BI tool that could store millions of rows of disparate data types and allow for intuitive and rapid analysis and report building across the data sets.

Our Approach

What we did:

  • Aggregated millions of rows of data in one place
  • Cleaned the data up and made it usable for database building and reporting purposes
  • Chose data storage and reporting interface platform that can be easily deployed on PCs and laptops – so that the strategy team who is continuously on the go can have the data with them wherever they go
  • Chose a cutting edge BI tool that looks beautiful, is super-fast and user friendly and allows for rapid drag and drop report generation – think pivot table meets Steve Jobs type of look and functionality
  • Created a starter for ten set of reports – tables, maps, graphs and dashboards
  • Allowed the team to create any new reports with just dragging data fields around and no need to know any programming languages and gave them a little bit of training


Johnson & Johnson team now use this tool regularly, grow it as they see fit and have appetite to move all the data to their internal Oracle systems and allow for generating mashups with lots more external and internal data to make it a truly amazing decision support tool.
We are not allowed to share any project workbooks and dashboards. However, if you would like to see a sample dashboard we have created one in Tableau Public so please get in touch to learn more.

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