Introducing a gap in the market with a clever Magento integration

KX Kitchen came to us with the concept of making healthy menus and dishes, available online for delivery to customers within the West London area.

The entrepreneurial backing behind KX Kitchen identified a gap in the market, acting swiftly to fill it with a service that customers really want. The concept is both simple and genius.

In developing a new idea, and getting to market in the quickest possible time, KX Kitchen turned to us to design and build a bespoke and luxury customer experience, which fit their customer base, and help them launch a successful ecommerce service.

Magento Development

We created KX Kitchen’s Magento build from scratch, introducing new features specific to the food/takeaway market. Some of the more drastic changes from a traditional Magento installation include:

  • A custom and streamlined user journey through the site
  • A live calculating ‘add to order’ feature that can be used anywhere
  • A bespoke delivery date and time booking system

Ecommerce Web Design

The quality of the food and the service are the key messages to get across for KX Kitchen. Our ecommerce web design concentrated on putting the dish photography at the forefront of the shopping experience. Throughout the site we used large and enticing photography to drive customers through their experience.
The sites complex functionality was hidden from the user by creating small and simple interactions that happen instantly. This takes the complications away from the customer, and makes the ordering process clear and easy.

Another key to the design was making sure that all nutritional and allergy information was clearly communicated to customers throughout the experience. With a large range of Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Nut Free dishes, making these easy to find was key.

WordPress and Magento Integration

Utilising a combination of Magento and WordPress gives our customers the best of both worlds. Magento handles the heavy lifting in the commerce section of the site, and WordPress makes it easy to create enticing content pages.

A large part of the KX Kitchen website experience is their homepage and other supplementary pages, it was therefore key to use our Magento WordPress integration to give customers a seamless shopping experience.

Responsive Design

KX Kitchen knew they would need a fully responsive and highly performant site right from the start. Providing their luxury service to all devices and during all situations was essential.

The site was designed using a mobile-first principal, making sure that all features are available no matter the device type. This allowed us to concentrate on the core customer experience, and expand functionality where it made sense.
Since launch mobile makes up 40% of traffic and has the highest conversion rate for all device types!

KX Kitchen

“We are very pleased with the team’s flexible approach to website build, with them turning round several last minute out of scope requests just before site launch. We are very happy with the team’s overall commitment and enthusiasm for the project and brand.”


–  Kathleen, KX Kitchen