Ooh is a sub-brand of Je Joue – a London-based pleasure accessory company with offices in London, Shanghai and San Francisco. Je Joue has already changed the sex toy industry with their unique design. Now they are doing it again with Ooh.

Ooh by Je Joue are introducing a mix and match way of playing. One motor and nine different shapes is here to revolutionise the industry.

Ooh needed a robust ecommerce site, designed to match their playful products. With their unique concept they wanted something different. A new take on their industry required a site and design that matched it.

We’d been working with Je Joue on their existing Magento site. So when they decided to build an additional ecommerce site for Ooh, they knew we could deliver.

Magento Development

We built Ooh by Je Joue’s Magento website from the ground up. After the scoping sessions, where we defined a number of bespoke features, we were itching to start the development.

Ooh by Je Joue has more than one warehouse. We implemented a feature which allow for multiple warehouses to ship depending on the shipping address.

Ooh’s products are shipped all around the world. To serve the right currencies and prices for each visitor, we implemented a Geo IP. The Geo IP locates the visitors based on their IP and delivers the right content.

Ooh by Je joue Magento site
Ooh by Je Joue responsive Magento site

Ecommerce Design

The main task for the ecommerce design was to make shopping as easy as possible across any touch point. An important part was also for the design to aid the playful concept of “mix and match”. This had to be designed without throwing the visitors of from their path to purchase. It had to be integrated with it.

We provided two ways of adding to the shopping cart .The visitors can add products from product pages or multiple products can be added or dragged across to the cart- a bespoke piece of UX that works beautifully.

Ooh by Je Joue ecommerce design

Magento and WordPress Integration

As with most of our clients’ sites, the Ooh by Je Joue website runs on both Magento and WordPress. The ecommerce functionality runs on Magento while the homepage and blog section runs on WordPress.

This seamless integration allows Ooh to easily manage their content and focus on their business instead of lengthy content management processes.

WordPress and Magento integration for Ooh by Je Joue
Ooh by Je Joue product shoot 1
Ooh by Je Joue product shoot 2
Ooh by Je Joue product shoot 3