Magento optimisation & a bespoke ecommerce solution

Osprey Packs have been designing travel packs, rucksacks & carriers for over 40 years, and have broad global distribution. Their packs are known for their comfort, customisable fit and clever features, and have endorsements from athletes, explorers and adventurers from around the world.

Osprey’s ecommerce site had not been performing. With their thriving UK business they needed a Magento agency to help them turn it around. After hearing about us through both their hosting agency, WireHive, and their email partners, Pure 360, they approached us to help them deliver a site with the velocity and scale they were looking for.


Increase in revenue since redesign launch


Increase in conversion


Decrease in checkout abandonment

Magento site speed

We carried out a Magento audit when we took over the Osprey Europe site, and identified a list of code changes that could improve site speed. One of Osprey Europe’s bespoke product filter pages, the Pack Selector, is an interactive, content-rich page that works well to communicate the brand and their products. By re-coding this page and adding a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to the site, we were able to achieve faster loading times and greater site stability, without compromising the unique functionality.

Bespoke ecommerce functionality

Osprey Europe have been working on customer data capture through automated feedback requests, and have also developed an innovative Pack Registration system. This allows customers to store the details of their purchases online, making their warranty and fit details available in the future. It also allows Osprey Europe to learn more about their customers and how they shop – which is invaluable information! We have developed a dedicated space on the site to manage this, which is a new and totally bespoke feature. By engaging with their wider marketing goals, we’ve delivered a Magento site that directly serves their business needs.

Redesign and rebuild – visitor experience and performance

After working extensively with Osprey Europe on their existing platform, we all decided to redesign and rebuild the platform. This decision wasn’t taken lightly, but made total sense to all parties. We have carried out a redesign and rebuild project with them over the winter of 2016, with an early year launch. The new platform has delivered in many ways; site speed has markedly improved, sales across all platforms have increased with the most noticeable increase on mobile and touch devices, and search ranks have increased – particularly where the Osprey Europe site competes in some areas with the Osprey US site.

Probably the best piece of feedback since project launch was from the Osprey Europe team themselves. We wanted to make sure the CMS platform (LogicSpot’s seamless integration of Magento and WordPress) allowed the marketing and other teams to edit and maintain the site with ease themselves – and this has been delivered to a very happy team.

Continuous development and support

We continue to support Osprey Europe daily, working with them as a partner and extended team members. We deliver SLA-backed 24×7 support for them and continue to drive their web platform forward with ongoing ecommerce and marketing initiatives.