Magento 1 optimisation then migrate to Magento 2

Tech21 is one of those companies that you DREAM of owning – a true success and all credit to the founder.

Having pitched to Dragons Den and won, he then said No.  The deal they wanted wasn’t worthwhile.  So setting the sights on achieving the same but without their help, he did it – with aplomb.

Globally recognised for their super tough phone cases and more, and found in stores from Best Buy and Apple in the US to Carphone Warehouse and many more in the UK and other countries, they’ve grown in popularity, global reach, revenue and offering year on year.

They approached LogicSpot with a simple desire – their in-house team was creating a glass ceiling on ecommerce and technical delivery, and they needed a strategic partner to rapidly drive their Magento 1 site and related systems forward and set them up for an eventual migration to Magento 2.


ECR increase in first 10 weeks with LogicSpot


Page load decrease in first 10 weeks

Sweat the Assets

It doesn’t sound like the nicest phrase, but it’s one we believe in and one we took to Tech21.

Their Magento 1 platform was “OK” enough, but a pattern we normally find with any client we take on – technical issues and a lack of good Magento abilities meant the site was unstable, unscalable and slow.  This was our starting point.  Carrying out our tried and tested take-on process, we not only audited the site in full, but also crafted a tight team and relationship and set of work for 3-6 months to drive the site forward and start to achieve the targets the business wanted.

Within 10 weeks, we had halved the page load time across the site, and doubled the conversion rate.  Not a bad start for a large swathe of changes that we wanted to get in place on the site to get the most of out of the existing Magento 1 platform before a potential migration to Magento 2.


With numerous domestic and foreign warehouses, ERP systems, accounting systems and more our job with Magento 1 was to fix the usual suspects – timeliness, traceability, and more, but just as importantly, observe how the inter-related systems worked and how internal processes were carried out – merchandising of products, stock replenishment, order fulfilment, returns, financial reporting and many more, so we could look out for any potential recommendations we could make when eventually moving to Magento 2.

Magento 2 migration

It had been clear from the early days that the Magento 1 site that had been built by a number of internal and external parties and the lofty targets of the Tech21 team would likely not be met by their current platform – equally from a technical perspective as much as that of UX.

We set about a Magento 2 site project with them, while reducing the effort on Magento 1.  We wanted to carry out some tasks still on Magento 1 – working with the team where required on product launches, carrying out tasks that could see an ROI within the M1 remaining lifespan, and also any prep work that would carry over nicely to the new site – SEO work and more.

As with any other “large project”, this was a great time to take stock of processes and related systems and we found ways of optimising many of the systems already in place.  We cannot divulge more here, but there was a huge revamp that’s simplified and sped up logistics.

The UX was key to the new site delivery.  Once we understood the target audiences clearly, and analysed data from the existing site, we shifted the new site considerably in many major areas – category page, product page, menu hierarchy, and much more.

In summary

Tech21 have a great product range, are well received within the industry and have huge aspirations.  It’s great to be a part of their journey as their ecommerce partner.