Responsive design & rapid execution

The Virtual TV Department is an independent broadcast agency providing production, talent and TV expertise over a broad range of broadcasting categories, including TV, Digital, Radio, Cinema and Branded Content. They handle everything from treatments to voiceovers, animation to licensing.
VTV needed a fresh looking site that was fully responsive. Being accessible across multiple devices, without compromising on usability, experience or design was an absolute requirement. As a broadcast agency, they needed a website that could showcase their content production, particularly around video.

Responsive design

The new website has a beautiful, responsive web design that is driven by imagery and video content. We introduced a warm colour palette that tied in with VTV’s logo and enhanced the imagery on site, naturally guiding visitors to the portfolio and service content. The site sits perfectly across various screen sizes and devices, delivering a seamless experience to VTV’s audience.

User experience

The user-experience was put at the heart of the design of the site, and the navigation and usability were all influenced by the need for the site to be fully responsive. Taking the portfolio section of the site as an example, the category can be quickly browsed via a masonry display, and then within each portfolio item there are clear navigation tools to allow the reader to keep reading with only one click – or tap. Equally, using scrolling anchor points allowed a clear navigation of multi-content pages, such as the home or service pages.

The Virtual TV Department homepage