Conversion Rate Optimisation

Are you happy with your conversion rate?  Do you think it’s a long way from your industry norm or your competitors? Are you hitting a glass ceiling and not sure what to do next? We’ve put a lot of effort into building our CRO services for clients as it’s such a big deal. Whether it’s a top-down, fact-finding strategic approach, or page-specific fixes you want executing, we can help.

How can we help you with Conversion Rate Optimisation for Magento?

It’s a simple answer really – it plays to all our skills here.  The approach we would normally take would be:

Collect data & Report
Insights and Hypotheses
Deploy and Test
Collect Data

Collect data and report

  1.  Understanding personas and target demographics
  2.  Providing clear data around channel acquisition, site performance, visitor drop-off


  1. Carry out any creative work required – from wireframes and workshops, competitor research, analysis, and design work
  2. Build the site changes – whether they’re related to key functionality, SEO, site performance, visitor experience or something else

Collect data and iterate

Keep doing the above, collecting data throughout.  We see this a bit like a Golden Gate Bridge exercise – you paint from one end to the other and when you’ve finished, it’s time to start again as we can just keep on improving!

Insights and hypotheses

1. Identifying key areas for improvement across the site, including:

  • high bouncing pages
  • funnel drop off
  • weak areas of site design
  • site performance issues

2. Understand your site search and if it can be improved
3. Understand your navigation and if it can be improved
4. Understand product recommendations across your site

Deploy and test

  1. It’s important to note the date of the site change and to make sure you have clear metrics before and after, to measure impact
  2. Ideally the site change would be “little and often” – a change to an entire page may have the desired effect but it’s difficult to isolate which particular part of the change caused the biggest shift in CRO … so if you’re then wanting to repeat that process elsewhere later, it’s a little tougher