Custom Web Development

It’s never as simple as just building websites. We ask for business objectives, we help you plan the strategies to reach them, and we measure success. Whether you’re looking for a standalone, bespoke WordPress site, WordPress integrated with Magento, or a custom web application, we can help you.

Integration with Magento

Almost all our ecommerce Magento sites involve an integration with WordPress, which powers non-content pages such as blogs, about us areas, homepages and landing pages.

We integrate Magento and WordPress to deliver a totally seamless user experience: customers cannot tell when they move from Magento to WordPress site areas, and vice-versa. Our Magento developers are actually credited on the 3rd party plugin that drives this integration, so it’s safe to say we are experts in the field.

WordPress and Magento integration

Unique Features

Our WordPress and custom PHP application solutions range from relatively simple service industry brochure sites through to the highly complex, including:

  • Bespoke, multi-tenant, white-label applications with highly convoluted business rules
  • Stringent security models
  • Multi-level authorship and approval workflows
  • Login-only content access
  • Forums, user profiling and user communities
  • Unique functionality – download managers, SMS texting
firstechelon desktop

Content Management

We have a lot of experience of creating processes that allow our clients to ‘work smart’. WordPress is relatively user-friendly, however we love to take this to the next level, by providing our clients with:

  • Multi-level authoring and approval workflows that go beyond that provided by WordPress
  • Bespoke plug-ins, allowing for more advanced content
  • Author-driven (rather than tech/developers!) page templating
  • Global Settings, pre-built styles
  • Tailored WordPress shortcodes
  • … and many more
WordPress content management