Digital Strategy

WordPress and Web Apps

Where do you want to go? Scoping for WordPress and Custom Projects

The LogicSpot approach to projects is integral to everything we do, and underpins the way we work with all our clients. By getting to know you, your business, your long-term plan and your short/mid-term objectives, we are properly equipped to advise you on all digital matters.
We’ve honed our scoping process over time, bringing together lasting principles, people and steps to kickstart your project amazingly.
  • Business Goals

    • Top 3 measurable buiness objectives
    • Top 3 brand objectives
    • Your value proposition
    • -> Goals and objectives
  • Personas

    • User types
    • Roles
    • Motivations
    • Pain points
    • Characters
    • Tasks
    • -> Prioritised personas
  • User Stories

    • As a user, I want to be able to functionality/goal so that motivation/reason
  • User Journeys

    • for each persona and user story:
    • Context
    • Progression
    • Devices, expertise
    • Functionality
    • Emotion
  • Sitemap

    • Pages
    • Structure
    • Navigation
  • Wireframes

    • UX/interactions
    • Content
    • Layout
  • Prototypes

    • Test user interaction and UX