Ecommerce Reporting

Analytics is becoming increasingly important for ecommerce websites. Understanding visitor behaviour is crucial when planning site improvements and content creation. We help you define clear website goals, implement KPIs and analyse your site traffic and conversion. With a detailed understanding of your online customers, you’re in a better position to reach your goals.

Google Analytics Audit

Your digital marketing strategy should be based on accurate, meaningful data – which is sometimes easier said than done.  We will make sure that your Google Analytics is set up correctly and that you are pulling clean, trustworthy data out of Google Analytics. If you can’t trust your web data to measure your goals correctly, you cannot make data-driven decisions.

Google Analytics Consultancy

Challenges tend to be unique. We do tailor-made consultancy for projects that doesn’t fit into our pre-packaged services. You might need ongoing support or a quick fix. We can help you with both.

Insight & Action

Our Insight & Action Report is designed to give you data-driven suggestions to increase your conversion rates. The suggested actions are based on data from Google Analytics, best practices and our years of experience. The main aim of the report is to avoid expensive ‘I’ve-got-a-feeling’ actions and implementations, and to quicker reach the best ideas for your site to go forward with.

Objectives, Strategies, KPIs

The important thing is not that you measure but what you measure. We will help you understand what you can measure and how you can use the data to move forward and reach your business objectives.

  • We lead and run workshops where we translate your business objectives to clear strategies.
  • We define the KPIs we’ll use to measure how well you are achieving your goals.
  • We will segment your data to understand your visitors better.

Google Tag Manager

Tracking your visitors involves additional tags to your website’s code. Google’s Tag Manager was built to speed up this process while keeping your code nice and clean.

We configure Google Tag Manager to work with Google Analytic’s Enhanced Ecommerce report. We’ve developed a Magento module that expose order and customer data that later can be used with remarketing tags. In addition to Google’s Tag Manager, our module also includes Universal Analytics UserID features.

Google, developers, and LogicSpot all prefer Tag Manager. It speeds up work, keeps your code clean, and loads your pages faster – win, win, win.