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Magento 2

Here’s some of the great new features included in Magento 2.  And be sure to choose someone who has plenty of experience with the platform – we’re a Magento Partner, all our developers are Magento Certified, and we are a Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner.


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Magento 2 features

Magento 2 is a product that is worthy of its major release version number change from 1 to 2. This is a ground up product rebuild, taking all the core concepts, business functions and tech functionality from Magento 1, but writing the code again, from ground up, remodelling indexing, caching, PHP usage, test-driven code structure and a re-think of the back-end architecture. Here are some of our key takeaways thus far.

Fast and Flexible: Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento Commerce Cloud is a feature rich, highly flexible eCommerce platform that will get you to market in less than 6 months at a lower Total Cost of Ownership than competing platforms. Manage multiple websites, currencies, languages for both B2B and B2C clients.

Magento Commerce Cloud, is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, hosted by Amazon Web Service and supported by the Magento services team on a 24/7 basis.  Magento Commerce is available in two versions dependent upon your requirement.

Commerce Cloud Starter is designed for less complex projects but still with the ability to heavily customise and integrate with third parties.

Commerce Cloud Pro is designed for the enterprise client and has a more heavily specified hosting stack.

The core functionality available only with the Commerce Cloud licence includes:


Page Builder

Page Builder is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you edit pages, without developer support, which empowers an agile execution of marketing campaigns.

Customer Segmentation and Personalisation

Customers can be segmented on a broad variety of attributes by displaying highly relevant offers, promotions and content based on order history, cart contents and lifetime value to name a few.

Content Staging and Preview

This module allows you to create, schedule the publishing dates for multiple pages and campaigns as well as share with team members, again all without the support of technical colleagues.  All campaigns can be previewed in the timeline dashboard.

Instant Purchase

Instant purchase allows customers to use saved payment and shipping details, reducing check out steps and friction for boosting conversion rates, particularly for returning customers on mobile.

Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations

Easily up-sell, cross sell and display related products using a condition- based tool to determine the products to show by customer segment

Visual Merchandising

Easily arrange product category pages using a drag and drop feature or the rules-based option to automatically sort products by colour, highest margin, best sellers, new arrivals or any other product attributes.

Progressive Web Applications Gallery

Progressive Web Applications (PWA’s) is an initiative driven by Google, designed to enhance the mobile user experience and as mobile speed is a now a key determinant of their SERP ranking.

PWA studio released in version Magento Commerce 2.3, enables you to deliver app-like mobile commerce that is fast, integrated, and reliable. Learn more about PWA’s on our blog post here

Comprehensive B2B / wholesale functionality

The Magento B2B suite is a hugely valuable addition to the platform, featuring a range of important features for B2B merchants, such as:

  • RFQ functionality / price quoting and negotiation
  • Customer-specific pricing and catalogues
  • Credit limits
  • Quick checkout options
  • User roles, purchasing limits and permissions
  • Customer-specific payment options
  • Customer-specific purchasing limits and thresholds
  • Support for quick purchase lists

Multi Source Inventory

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) enables you to manage inventory across multiple physical locations from within the Magento admin panel. Additionally, you can source stock in real time and decide which locations are selected for delivery and/or integrate, via the API, to third party inventory systems.

Advanced Reporting

Magento Commerce now comes with a Business Intelligence feature to focus on metrics that matter the most to your business from both your Google Analytics and Magento stores. There are 75 reports to chose from and 5 customisable dashboards that can be tailored for the different stake holders.

Return Management

Adds the ability for your customers to return items in your online store and choose a return reason. Typically. a returns number is raised to identify the product as a refund or replacement request.

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Magento Commerce Order Management coordinates your customers’ experience across all sales and fulfilment channels.

Rather than replacing existing legacy systems, it works with them, gathering information from each touchpoint. It orchestrates and optimizes based on rules and processes. From capture to source, and ultimately fulfilment, the customer remains at the centre of your operation at all times. You get a rich feature set that includes distributed order management, omnichannel fulfilment, inventory management, Payments and Risk, and reporting and analytics.


This modular based solution, pre-integrated with Magento 1.X and 2.X, gives you the flexibility to implement as a fully integrated solution or add modules as you grow. With Magento Commerce Order Management you will have the systems and processes necessary to master this business fundamental – delivering better customer experiences, higher sales, and lower fulfilment costs.

Distributed Order Management

Deliver one view across all channels and route orders to the appropriate fulfilment location.

  • Order State & Event Management
  • Order Orchestration & Routing
  • Partial Shipment & Order Splitting
  • Pre-Sale, Backorders & Returns

Omnichannel Fulfilment

Turn stores, suppliers, and partners into mini-distribution centres. Expose store inventory to online shoppers, and provide flexible fulfilment options.

  • Ship-from-Store & Ship-to-Store
  • Pick-and-Pack
  • Carrier Integration

Global Inventory Management

Provide full inventory visibility and exceed the high expectations of your customers.

  • Track inventory at any point
  • In-transit Inventory
  • Intelligent Sourcing & Allocation

Customer Service

Deliver high quality customer satisfaction with our customer service features.

  • Order Details & Status Lookup
  • Order Escalation Workflow
  • Appeasements, Refunds & Credit Edits

Built on the latest AWS and micro service technology, Magento Shipping is easy to set up and configure.

Temando powers Magento Shipping with an enterprise-grade API that provides speed, scalability, reliability, and connectivity with third party WMS, OMS, and ERP systems. Built on the latest AWS and micro service technology, Magento Shipping is easy to set up and configure. It provides instant access to the newest carriers and carrier add-ons without the need for software updates.



  • Access multiple carriers through the Temando tab in your Magento administration panel
  • Easily quote and book carriers with the click of a button
  • Quickly generate compliant consignment labels and create manifests
  • Control user access and set permissions
  • Facilitate the use of your own carrier rates or select the carrier rates available in the system


  • Create seamless shipping experiences for your customers
  • Easily manage shipping promotions based on loyalty, cart value and customer postcode
  • Let your customers decide if they urgently need their orders by displaying and charging for same day shipping
  • Protect your margin by assigning carriers to postcode ranges and displaying the actual cost, dynamic cost or flat rate cost of shipping
  • Reward loyalty and delight customers by using shipping as a promotional tool
  • Display tracking information on your own branded website pages and send shipping confirmation emails to keep customers up to speed with their delivery


  • Automate the fulfilment process from the shopping cart to the customers door, all from your Magento administration panel
  • Predetermine the packaging types per consignment and save on shipping
  • Create multiple fulfilment locations, including distribution centres and physical stores
  • Intelligently route orders to fulfilment locations based on predefined rules, such as customer location
  • If you can pass us an inventory feed, Temando can route orders to fulfilment locations with stock on hand


  • Access trusted international carriers along with domestic carriers in Magento
  • Display international shipping options to the regions you want to ship to
  • Easily produce all compliant shipping documentation

Magento is a recognised leader in the Enterprise B2B sector by industry analysts Forresters.

Traditionally ERP systems have been the application of choice of the typical B2B supplier selling online for many years. However sophisticated digitisation of procurement processes and changes in buyer expectations, todays B2B buyer is benchmarking his experience against that of leading online retailers.

Magento B2B is a core component of the Magento 2 Commerce Application and is therefore included in the licence. Having all the aspects of B2C Commerce with the capability to implement complex channel management functionality, workflow customisation and eProcurement integration.


Friction-Free Ordering

  • Efficiently manage quote requests and negotiate pricing terms using a streamlined workflow.
  • Drive recurring revenue with fast ordering. Buyers can enter SKUs or upload a CSV file, set up requisition lists, or re-order previous orders.
  • Deliver exceptional service with the ability to create orders for customers or assist with orders in process.
  • Arm your sales team with tablets to use your responsive site for on-the-spot sales.

Optimized Inventory and Order Processing

  • Show your buyers accurate, real-time inventory from all sources and supply chain partners.
  • Use automated business rules to intelligently source inventory for lower fulfilment costs and faster delivery times.
  • Improve operations with a single solution for managing orders from all sales channels.

Powerful Shopping Experiences

  • Easily create personalized catalogues, price lists, and promotions for customer groups.
  • Aid discovery with search, layered navigation, and automated up-sell and cross-sell capabilities.
  • Boost sales while reducing customer questions with rich product content: videos, image zoom, detailed descriptions, ratings and reviews, and more.
  • Delight your customers across every device with a mobile-friendly, responsive site.

Effortless Management

  • Integrate with any backend system using extensive APIs and of-the-shelf extensions.
  • Quickly meet any requirement with the open, modern, and flexible Magento platform.
  • Focus on your business, rather than IT, with a reliable, managed cloud solution.
  • Fuel your growth with actionable insights from 75 built-in business intelligence reports.

Multi-Channel Selling

  • Gain efficiencies and get closer to your customers with a platform that is a B2B and B2C commerce leader.
  • Create and manage websites for multiple brands, divisions, channel partners, or accounts from one interface.
  • Expand globally with support for multiple languages, currencies, and taxes.

Data volume has been exploding, for example 90% of all data was crated in the last 2 years. Consumer digital footprints are everywhere and are generating vast quantities of data.

To derive meaningful insights from this golden nugget of information, merchants need to be able to mine the data in a structured and scalable way.

Magento Business Intelligence is available in two versions, MBI Pro (Formerly RJ Metrics) is an enterprise analytics platform optimised for the Magento platform (all versions) that enables merchants to consolidate multiple data sources—from MySQL to Salesforce to Facebook Ads—into a single cloud-based data warehouse that is accessible across the organization.


MBI Essentials is a “lite” version, that comes with 75 predefined reports and a maximum of 5 dashboards, see the comparison below.

Cohort Analysis

Use cohort analysis to measure the effects your growth efforts on customer behaviour, from conversion rate optimization to customer loyalty programs.

Revenue Analytics

Measure revenue consistently and accurately in every single scenario. With one single source of truth, you’ll always be able to trust revenue metrics, whether a report is coming from your CFO or your Marketing Director.

Churn Analysis

What differentiates the best businesses is how they incorporate and adapt to customer feedback, and churn is the clearest feedback you can get. Learn the behaviours and characteristics of your customers that are causing your customers to churn.

Marketing ROI

Identify the channels and campaigns bringing in valuable, repeat customers by calculating ROI using your most important metrics: customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value.

Email Segmentation

Send better emails by building highly targeted lists based on purchase behaviour, date of last purchase, customer lifetime value, or any other customer attribute.

Holiday Performance

Improve holiday performance by using data to optimize ad spend on key shopping days, ensure you have enough inventory on hand, and plan a follow-up strategy to turn holiday buyers into loyal customers.

BI Essentials
BI Pro
Predefined Reports
Admin Access
User Access Accounts
Email Summaries
Google Analytics Connector
Full API Access
3rd Party Sources (Data Connectors)
Add On
Professional Services
Add On
New Custom Report Creation
Predefined Reports

BI Essentials: 75    |   BI Pro: Unlimited


BI Essentials: 5    |   BI Pro: Unlimited

Admin Access

BI Essentials: Yes    |   BI Pro: Yes

User Access Accounts

BI Essentials: 10    |   BI Pro: 10

Email Summaries

BI Essentials: Yes    |   BI Pro: Yes

Google Analytics Connector

BI Essentials: Yes    |   BI Pro: Yes

Full API Access

BI Essentials: No    |   BI Pro: Yes

3rd Party Sources(Data Connectors)

BI Essentials: No    |   BI Pro: Add On

Professional Services

BI Essentials: No    |   BI Pro: Add On

New Custom Report Creation

BI Essentials: Yes    |   BI Pro: Yes

Choose Pro if you need:

Customize the baseline offering
Access the data warehouse manager to customize your infrastructure and gain more data visibility
Receive additional support through customer success and/or professional services team offerings
Add unlimited data sources beyond Google Analytics

Built on AWS, a fully redundant cloud hosting infrastructure that provides optimized performance, resilience, and elastic scalability.

Magento Commerce Cloud offers all the benefits of modern cloud computing that are most commonly associated with SaaS solutions: Elastic scalability, high resilience and availability, PCI compliance, global availability and automated patching while maintaining the flexibility of Magento’s extensible architecture, enhanced by a global ecosystem of innovative partners and developers.


Optimized for the full Suite of Magento Products

Magento-developed build scripts and service configuration ensure every instance is correctly tuned and configured for optimal merchant performance.

Consistent, Secure Releases

All code deployments are Git-based for consistency and repeatability, with read-only production environments for hardened security.

Flexibility for Partners

A full REST API and a scriptable command line interface ensures ease of integration with external systems and compatibility with existing code management workflows.

Flexible Deployment Toolset

Rapidly spin up, merge, clone, and tear down unlimited environments at will, for development tasks, QA testing, or production issue diagnosis.

Continuous Cloud Delivery

Move with confidence straight from development to UAT to production, in a continuous manner across code branches and development teams.

On March 26, 2019, Magento released Magento 2.3.1 introducing new tools and functions that offer further insights and an even better experience for your buyers. These features are now included in the annual subscription.