Magento Web Development

Whether you are looking to build a new site from scratch, or improve your existing site, we have the Magento development resources to help you. We take care of everything you can do with Magento, from site audits, simple tidy-ups, new work, performance optimisation, security, through to site rebuilds, large-scale custom ERP and systems integrations or anything else Magento really!

Magento Development

The Magento platform is at the heart of what we do here at LogicSpot. We partner with Magento, our web developers are Magento Certified or Certified Plus, and we constantly invest heavily into the platform and our staff’s skills, working with Magento 1, Magento 2, and Community and Enterprise editions.

We scope, design and build Magento websites from scratch, and greatly enhance existing sites with one-off “mini projects” or regular, continuous web development on a monthly basis.

We adhere strictly to Magento best-practice coding, and our Magento Certified Developers follow rigorous web development processes to deliver the very best we can – from pair coding, peer reviews, formal QA, GIT branching, ticket documentation, to all that Agile development brings – team estimating, standups, retrospectives and more.   It means our sites go out the door with drastically reduced issues, it can be supported and maintained by a wide developer base, and allows for scale in terms of performance and functionality going forward.

We’ll use what is “fit for purpose” in our solutions – whether it’s a quick, cheap and cheerful and simple installation and tweaking of Magento extensions, or scoping and building a large area from scratch – we’ll work with you to work out the appropriate approach always.

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Speed Optimisation & Site Performance

Sub-optimal load-times, clunky applications and sloppy integrations all have a serious impact on your business, whether it be your traffic capacity, conversion and transaction rates, search ranks, or your ability to scale and grow.

We normally perform Code Audits on all sites we take over, and monitor your environment constantly, using New Relic alongside Google Analytics and others, on every Magento site we host. This provides us with the facts and metrics we need to make effective decisions and improvements with clarity and purpose. All sites use CDNs, Varnish, Full Page Cache or other fast-caching methods to reduce page load time and improve site performance – however, we always start by making the site without any caching, performant, and not using caching to hide bad coding!

Speed optimisation


When we think of testing, we think of try-your-best-to-break-it, industrial-style testing. We put websites through a three-tier testing program to ensure we deliver high quality, bug-free sites to our clients. Our auditing processes are an important part of this, particularly with ecommerce websites we have taken over.

Magento Web Development