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Magento Development

The Magento platform is at the heart of what we do here at LogicSpot. We partner with Magento, our developers are Magento Certified or Certified Plus, and we invest heavily into the platform, working with both Community and Enterprise versions.
Whether you are looking to build a new site from scratch, or improve your existing site, we have the Magento development resources to help you. We take care of everything you can do with Magento, from installation and coding through to modules and optimisation.

Magento Web Development

We build Magento websites from scratch, and greatly enhance existing sites with one-off or regular work. We work closely with our clients to determine the scale and scope of what they want, and what is needed for their business.

We adhere strictly to Magento best-practice coding, and our certified developers use peer-review to audit and check their coding. The sites we build are scalable, with a strong future-proof pedigree.

Going beyond Magento’s core features, we can develop bespoke functionality that will be unique to your website, and your customers. We can adapt or tweak existing features, and we can create something that is totally outside the box.

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speed optimisation

Speed Optimisation & Site Performance

Sub-optimal load-times, clunky applications and sloppy integrations all have a serious impact on your business, whether it be your traffic capacity, conversion rate, or your ability to scale and grow.

We normally perform Code Audits on all sites we take over, and monitor your environment constantly, using New Relic on every Magento site we host.  This provides us with the facts and metrics we need to make effective decisions and improvements with clarity and purpose.  We often use CDNs, Varnish or other fast-caching methods to reduce page load time and improve site performance.

Magento upgrades

Magento upgrades are an essential part of maintenance and development, and allow our clients to take advantage of the full, ever-expanding range of Magento features. Along with version or platform upgrades, we can also update your individual modules, ensuring proper version control and compatibility monitoring at all stages.

If you are considering upgrading to Magento Enterprise, get in touch! We can give you some more information about what the benefits are, what features you will be able to use and then plan and deliver for you, taking care of everything from site monitoring, OS/hardware upgrades, right through to training key personnel on new functionality.

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website testing


When we think of testing, we think of try-your-best-to-break-it, industrial-style testing. We put websites through a three-tier testing program to ensure we deliver high quality, bug-free sites to our clients. Our auditing processes are an important part of this, particularly with ecommerce websites we have taken over.