Magento & Ecommerce Strategy

Magento & Ecommerce

Magento & Ecommerce Strategy – Scoping, Planning and Setting Goals

We’ve honed our scoping process over many projects in order to really understand WHY we’re delivering a website, WHAT we are going to deliver, and then HOW we will deliver that site.

Following a tight process allows all members of the project team to define common goals and site aspirations and really understand the target audience and their needs.

  • Business Goals

    • Top 3 measurable buiness objectives
    • Top 3 brand objectives
    • Your value proposition
    • -> Goals and objectives
  • Personas

    • User types
    • Roles
    • Motivations
    • Pain points
    • Characters
    • Tasks
    • -> Prioritised personas
  • User Stories

    • As a user, I want to be able to functionality/goal so that motivation/reason
  • User Journeys

    • for each persona and user story:
    • Context
    • Progression
    • Devices, expertise
    • Functionality
    • Emotion
  • Sitemap

    • Pages
    • Structure
    • Navigation
  • Wireframes

    • UX/interactions
    • Content
    • Layout
  • Prototypes

    • Test user interaction and UX

Following the above would be scoping around content acquisition and assets, ownership of areas of the site and project, how the team (that’s client and LogicSpot) can work best together, and so on.

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