Paid Advertising

A critical component of a successful digital marketing strategy is being visible where your customers are. The most targeted and efficient way of achieving this is to pay for it.

Paid advertising via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads etc. offers a brand quick and targeted entry to a relevant marketplace contributing directly to business goals and objectives. If carried out intelligently and effectively, it can provide lucrative returns on investment in a highly measurable and controlled way.

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Getting started

If you’re a small eCommerce business with limited resources and no previous experience of paid-for advertising, Paid Advertising can seem like an uncertain channel in which to invest.

Our experienced consultants will work with you to get started providing clarity around the process, providing transparency on where your money is being invested and establishing definite objectives in which to measure return-on-investment.


Maximising return on investment

Whether you manage your paid advertising in-house or have been relying upon an incumbent third party to run it for you, maximising return on investment is vital.

We will audit all relevant paid advertising accounts looking for opportunities to reduce the amount you are spending and increase returns.


Managing success

Running successful paid advertising campaigns requires ongoing testing and optimisation as well as learning from performance results.

With years of experience running highly successful campaigns, we are well-placed to manage your paid advertising accounts while providing ongoing strategic direction.


Save time with product shopping feeds

Product feeds enable you to dynamically pull up-to-date product information from your website into paid advertising platforms, saving you hours of manual work. However, creating and managing these feeds is complex and prone to errors.

We collaborate with our highly skilled web development team to build and manage reliable product feeds, so more time can be spent optimising rather than fixing errors.


Understanding performance

Understanding how traffic from paid advertising is affecting website performance can enable a richer understanding of its place in the broader digital marketing mix. However, incorrect tag configuration can depreciate the trustworthiness of data collected, and potential insight gained.

We work with our Digital Analytics team to ensure that all required tags are set up correctly so that you base your digital marketing strategy on reliable and accurate data.

Our work

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Eastablishing an excellent ROI in Google Search and Shopping by auditing and restructuring.

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