Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising an eCommerce website for SEO has the potential to reap substantial returns. With over ten years of experience, we take a data-driven, strategic and global approach to understanding the strengths and pitfalls of your eCommerce website’s technical setup, content offering and backlink profile; we work collaboratively with you and your team as well as our own highly-skilled developers to ensure that we address issues, push forward new SEO developments and grow traffic.

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Understand What Your Customers Are Searching For

Understanding what your customers are searching for and the intention behind their search, is a fundamental cornerstone of SEO. We will research, identify and analyse all search terms that are of relevance and importance to your businesses’ needs. once we know this, we can better target them.


Improve Quality and Relevance

Content quality and how relevant it is to a user’s search is a huge factor in how search engines rank websites. We will analyse all important landing pages on your website identifying ways in which we build relevance and improve quality.


Increase Crawl Efficiency

How a website is setup is crucial to achieving and maintaining SEO success.

We will audit your website looking for issues that are preventing search engines from crawling, indexing and matching your website’s content against people’s search queries.


Remove Risk and Build Opportunity

Backlinks are a big factor in whether search engines deem your website to be authoritative and trustworthy. We will audit your existing backlink profile looking for links which lead to penalisation and carrying activities designed specifically to increase website authority further.


Ongoing Support

SEO is not a one-off task, but an ongoing process. We understand that maintaining these processes can often be restricted by time and resource. With years of experience implementing successful SEO strategies, LogicSpot is well positioned to proactively support you implement and maintain.

Marketing Consultancy

Ensure A Smooth Transition

Whether moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or to another eCommerce platform, we have extensive experience in ensuring that the transition doesn’t impact SEO performance. We embed SEO within any platform migration project ensuring that SEO requirements and considerations are built in from day one.

Our work

The Conran Shop Marylebone store

The Conran Shop SEO case study

Acheiving annual growth by addressed critical crawlissues and landing page content weaknesses.

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